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Exile Cigars

Tom and Ed are back once again! This time the guys light up the Exile by Cuban Imports. This cigar was a last minute decision after some discussion on twitter in regards to what they should smoke next.

Check out what the guys have to say about this cigar as well as listen in on an answer to a question that Barry, from A Cigar Smoker, submitted.

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19 thoughts on “Exile Cigars

  1. I still can’t figure out what brand this cigar cutter is of yours lol. Is it Seringen or Solingen? I can’t figure it out, and the stuff I do find looks nothing like that you guys have. Great review though, nice work!!!!

  2. Well I found more info on this cutter, I found it on eBay and some other places.


    The seller has it in Grey and Black too.

    The close up on this site reads: “Wolf Sullingen Germany”

    Hope that helped someone.

  3. lol tittie lol

    Fantastic as always fellas!
    I have seen these in one of my local shops… but was deterred because it is on the bottom shelf in the corner…but I will definitely pick some up!

    You guys have never steered me wrong!

  4. Fantastic review Tom and Ed! The Exile sounds like a real winner. I look forward to trying this cigar myself in the near future. Thanks also for the shout out for my website, http://www.herhumidor.com

    I totally agree with what Ed said about smoking a great tasting cigar to the finger burning end. A lot of people think that it is a rule to stop at the cigar band when it really isn’t true. You should stop smoking a cigar when it’s no longer enjoyable, period.

  5. The Ed & Tom show is getting better and better each time. Great job guys!

    I will give these smokes a shot for sure.

  6. If the intro says $7-$8 and you say its an $8 smoke…then why are they marked as $8.95 on the packaging…before tax

  7. thanks for the plug 🙂 for acigarsmoker.com it is always appreciated… I never tried the exile, to be honest the presentation was a turn off for me, but I will definitely check it out!

  8. All – Thanks for the comment love, and glad you enjoyed the vid.

    Jon W-Good info on the cutter!

    Rich M – Yea, I’m easily amused. Hence the emphasis on the ‘tittie’ comment 😉

    Lisa B – No problem!

    MJ – Yea, we get a little lazy. But trying to get back on track. We will stick with our word about another in 2 weeks (we mentioned it on tape to force commitment)

    Jack – That’s just a round price I put in the vids. Naturally a B&M cost will be higher then online. So I just put an average cost since prices vary from state to state and B&M to B&M.

    Barry – I felt the same for awhile. The paper wrapping was simply ugly and didn’t appeal to me. But one day Ed suggested it, so I figured why not.

  9. Your review was very cool. I just recieved a box of the Perfection 1. When there are 2 cigars this similar besides the length, do you think it would review the same?

  10. You guys lead me to the Por Larranaga maduro which is a great cigar. So I decided to back track and get some Exile smokes. My B&M has them on sale for under three bucks. So I’ll be grabbing a handful to try.

  11. I like how Ed casually calls JFK a “BASTARD”. heh heh
    When you get Ed’s age…you can say whatever the hell you want.

  12. I am enjoying one of these fine cigars (Maduro), the the taste is kinda spicy yet mild. nice ash, burns nice and even great round of golf smoke, will definitely keep a couple of these in the old humidor.

  13. Thanx for the great review guys. I just won a box of these with the conn. broadleaf wrapper on an auction and am sure looking forward to getting them!!

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