YQMA #35 – Part 1

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YQMA #35 – Part 1

Alright folks, we are back! Thanks for being patient as we got settled in from IPCPR and took sometime off to enjoy the fading days of summer. Episode 35 – Part 1 runs 48:03 and along with our typical banter and follow-up questions we primarily focus on the questions below:


Our first question is a question from Paul who wants to know more about the different colors of ash. Paul’s question was a little too scientific for us to answer on our own so we turned to The Doc from Stogie Fresh.

Our second question comes from Juan and he wants to know how we feel about infused cigars.

The final question of Part 1 is from Michael who has an issue with mold on his stock humidification device.

Thanks to Paul, The Doc, Juan, Michael and our sponsor (cigarplace.biz) for contributing to Episode 35 – Part 1.

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4 thoughts on “YQMA #35 – Part 1

  1. Great fellas!

    I will say that I had some issues with the feed not loading all the way, (took me roughly 2 hours to watch) I’m not sure if it was my connection, or viddler having issues.

    Brian- I must have an HDM jinx because I have NEVER gotten one that had a good draw (can never get a good amount of smoke)… from the Excalibur, the 1066, or the Dark Sumatra. I have one more Dark Sumatra in the humi, and I am crossing my fingers that the curse breaks with it.

    Can’t wait for part II guys….
    The YQMA’s are by far my favorite videos!

  2. Great show as usual guys! It was a little confusing trying to keep up with Docs answer, but at the end he said what I do, if it draws, burns and tastes good I don’t worry about the ash color!
    Brian, I can’t believe those guys let you get away with saying you had no problem getting slobber on the end of your cigar, I was expecting some kind of zing from one of them.

  3. Killer song…great video and sound quality.

    Ever since Jerry did his Winterizing Your Humidor video (which an update to wouldn’t hurt) I’ve used beads and its been great. I think Heartfelt and Viper are the two leading brands but like Brian pointed out, he maybe better off going with a Puck.

  4. Watched all 3 segments last night…first off, I loved the editing, video/sound quality. I don’t know exactly what you do Jerry, but you have the “touch”.

    I totally agree with you guys about the stock humidification device being junk. Its okay to use to season your humidor but thats the first thing you should always upgrade.

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