YQMA #35 – Part 2

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YQMA #35 – Part 2

Part 2 of Episode 35 comes sponsored to us by our friends at Lighters Direct. More importantly though, during the 31:11 of Part 2, has us answering the questions below:

Luke contacts us to see if we know of any Cameroon Puros as he thinks the CAO Cx2 is a great smoke.

Patrick chimes in asking why we never drink an alcoholic beverage when we review a cigar and whether we’ve discovered any off the wall combos.

Finally Fiachra over in Dublin, Ireland wants to know what kind of cutter we use to clip our NUB cigars.

How cool is it that we have a fan in Ireland? Thats awesome! Props to Luke, Patrick and Fiachra. If you’re from outside the US, leave some comment love and let us know from whence you hail from!

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7 thoughts on “YQMA #35 – Part 2

  1. Part 2 is as good as part 1! I don’t think I’ve had a cigar that didn’t taste good with coffee, unless it didn’t taste good to start with (and for me, I can say the same for bourbon).
    Jerry, how come they didn’t ask you to try and pronounce Fiachra? (Did they think you had to “roll the r”? LOL

  2. i think it would be cool for somone to make a sampler of those test cigars made from 1 type of leaf. it would give your average joe a chance to get the true taste from a certain wrapper.

  3. Hey Guys

    Here is a fan from all the way in the UK 🙂 Been following Stogie Review for just under 2 years and to this day I dont think I have missed a review!! Keep up the awesome work guys 🙂

  4. 10 years ago on ASC alot of guy were touting coke or root beer as pairing well with cigars. for me its black coffee, or bourbon and water… A morning cigar is great with black coffee
    Bill in Havana Fl.

  5. Hey guys.
    Big fan from Stavanger, Norway. Been watching all your videoes from the first ones you made till this ( YGMA 35), and I’m planning to watch every last one till I’m caught up .

    Just wanna say your doing a great job, and keep it up!

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