Colombian Gold by Bravo Cigar

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Colombian Gold by Bravo Cigar

This week I bring you a cigar I talked a little about in Episode 35 of YQMA. Its a Colombian puro called Colombian Gold by Bravo Cigar.

Cigar Nutrition
Length: 6.0″
Ring Gauge: 50
Wrapper: Colombian by way of Ecuador
Binder: Colombian by way of Connecticut
Filler: Colombian
Price: $168 (24)/$41 (5 pkg Sampler)

Video runs 12:10 minutes and along with singing the praise of the Colombian Gold I also talk about it one weak point as well as show off my new lighter.

My Take
Liked It: Loved It
Buy It Again: Yes – pricing is a concern
Recommend It: Yes – pricing is a concern

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13 thoughts on “Colombian Gold by Bravo Cigar

  1. Jerry,
    Great review as usual! These are outside my price range, but I found a fiver sampler of them for $36.75 at Oh, and they come in a torpedo not corona, at least according to the sampler I mentioned.
    By the way, congrats on the nice new lighter, especially at the price!

  2. Jerry,
    $168.00 per box of 24 cigars divides out to $7.00 per single. While they sound like an enjoyable cigar, I think you are right in the case that they are priced a bit high, even for a boutique cigar.

    I’m looking forward to the airing of YQMA Episode 36. It was alot of fun to record and I hope that shows in the video.


  3. NIce review Jerry! Sounds like an interesting cigar that I wouldn’t mind trying but you’re right, the pricing point makes me pause too.

  4. Nice new lighter! Would love to hear that eyebrow story one day 😉

    Great point on not disregarding a cigar based solely on where the tobacco is from. Awhile ago Brazilian tobacco wasn’t all that popular and now everyone is in love with that Brazilian Mata Fina wrapper.

    I also agree on the pricing…seems a little pricey to get attention in the market. Maybe once they get a little more widely distributed pricing will come down?

  5. Very tight review, I’ll have to score some Colombian Gold.

    What’s wrong with your lighting technique? It looks exactly like what I do…

    I think I mentioned in one of the lighter threads, there are “industrial” versions of the various torches that don’t have the CPSC child safety locks on them. Mine is a Blazer GB4001, which is called a “soldering torch” in their literature.

  6. I just attended the Midwest Cigar Summit Sept 6 2008.
    Roberto and his lovely wife were at this event . Both are very nice and friendly people and starting a new cigar business. I wish them great success.

    I fired up a Bravo today for the first time. The cigar is very smooth and light. No heavy tobacco taste. I don’t have the taste buds for picking out all the sudtle flavors like the so called expert.
    Maybe that’s because there aren’t that many flavors to detect. It’s just a smooth ,mild cigar. Perfect for morning or late evening.
    I had my Bravo with a cup of coffee, sitting outside on the back porch.
    The smoke didn’t have much aroma, so I sat in the car with the windows up, trying to figure out what this cigar smelled like……I still don’t know?
    Don’t get me wrong,I enjoyed the cigar. It’s constructed well,burns okay, but without much flavor.
    The finish left no tobacco taste what so ever and as the end got wet, there was no strong tobacco taste.
    I think the cigars are over priced. Especially when you can get , my favorite ,Hoyo de Monterry, with plenty of flavor all the way down to the nub, online for under $4.00.
    It’s a good mild cigar and if it was priced below $4.00/ea, I’d buy it on a regular basis.

  7. I won a box of these and they were a very good cigar, but for the MSRP of $8 they are well out of my price range for a mild cigar…

  8. Hey Jerry,

    I’m smoking one right now (I forgot I had these), and I agree with you on the woodsiness, but didn’t get much in the way of cream early on. I was close to sending it flying into the bushes but the stick slowly started to improve, and I’m starting to get that sweetness you mentioned. I think it’s kind of a cherry flavor. Not sure about the earth yet, but the base wood flavor is evolving… slowly.

    I don’t think that I’d throw down $8 for this stick either. I suspect the best deal is to be had in the shortest vitola. This churchill really tried my patience, and is more expensive to boot. LOL

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