Don Collins Piramide

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Don Collins Piramide

As promised in my review on Friday, I have a pretty cool cigar from Puerto Rico, the Don Collins Piramide. I had my doubts, just like I had my doubts about the Colombian Gold but it turns out, I really enjoyed the flavors and body from the Don Collins.

I don’t like reading very much but even I found the article on the history of Don Collins cigars pretty cool so I encourage you to check out their site and read up.

Special thanks to my buddy and co-worker @csuspect who acquired a sampler from the folks at Don Collins while he was working/vacationing recently in Puerto Rico. Be sure to check out his My Big Fat Puerto Rico video.

Video runs 15:14 and I have to eat a little crow after talking so much trash about my Washington Caps and their 5 game winning streak as we got thrashed by the Flyers this weekend.


7 thoughts on “Don Collins Piramide

  1. Great review. The cigar sounds good but they sound hard to find….too many good smokes already on my list to get, if this is hard to find I probably won’t try it.

    Any increase in taxes BLOW!!!

  2. Thanks for the review! I’m headed to San Juan in 2 weeks and will stop at Don Collins to pick up a few of these and try them myself.

  3. Great cigars.. I have been smoking them for a few years and love them. They are pricey, so I had to stop ordering them. If I could afford it, I would smoke them exclusively. I have not been able to find them anywhere, but their website. You have to order online and they charge alot for shipping. The only con was I had a bad bundle of their Corona cigars. they were loosly wrapped and were difficult to smoke. The compnay told me they would replace them, but that I had to pay to have them shipped backed to them. I was disappointed in this policy and felt they should have stood behind their product. Overall I suggest you try them if you can fit them into your budget. I gave most of them away when I left for Afghanistan and sure regret having to smoke $1.00 cigars now.

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