Alec Bradley Maxx Vice

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Alec Bradley Maxx Vice

Ed and Tom are back for yet another Review. This time they are joined by special guest Anthony as they smoke the Alec Bradley Maxx.

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14 thoughts on “Alec Bradley Maxx Vice

  1. Great review as always.

    The palate training was really informative. Thanks for the extra tibits.

    And good job Anthony!

  2. Good review again guys. Quick question. Is the only difference between this and the silver label MAXX the size ? I have had the silver label MAXX and have had a ton of burn issues. They had good flavor though.

  3. Bone – Glad you enjoyed!

    Cigar Spy – You are correct. And definately stop by for a smoke any time.

    Jon – I believe the blends are the exact same. The difference being the size, box press, and band. I had the silver label a while ago, but forgot about it until doing this review. Very enjoyable smoke.

  4. Excellent review guys! Very good choice for a guest reviewer as well. He seemed to have a great pallet and seemed very informed about cigars. Only criticism would be that you need to have a second camera pointing in the opposite direction. I could only see a quick silhouette in the reflection of the glass behind you of the “beautiful lady”. lol. Once again, great job. Im going to go out and try to find a couple of these right now.

  5. Frogman – It was cool hangin out with you for the review. As you saw, I spend a lot of time writing notes, taking pictures, and stressing about sound 😉 Too bad we kept getting cut off though. Must be a stickam thing. We’ll try that again for sure.

    Hopefully I’ll see Anthony soon and get a chance to ask if he liked the dirt. His pallet is pretty advanced, so I’d be curious to what he thinks of it. We gotta get him back on for a review soon.

  6. I like how Ed put the kibosh on the Gurkha Beauty comments….must not carry Gurkha eh?

    A little too much talking over each other, but still a nice video. The end scene was funny!

  7. Always great reviews from Ed and Tom , wish they were on more often. I’ve never had an Alec Bradley ,but I will definitely be ordering a 5er and give em a try, kudos to Anthony on his first guest review sit in , great to see more metalheads puffing.Horns Up. \m/

  8. Tony – Yea when Ed speaks, we listen. He does have a nice selection of Gurkhas though. Maybe he plans for us to review em(?).

    Allan – Lol. Anthony is quite a character. Next time, I’m shutting up to let the guy show his talent. I’d like to do more reviews with Ed, but doing them at a B&M does present some challenges. Maybe if we start doing them earlier on a Saturday it would help.

  9. As far as flavored cigars….. they are good for clearing your palate. If you have been smoking a few cigars, light up a flavored one and you palate comes back. Most of us cigar smokers prefer all natural tobacco flavors including me, but don’t pass them up.

    Nice to see a third character in the mix!

  10. I had to go out and buy one of these after watching this review…even though I have more cigars than I know what to do with.

    I found it to be really enjoyable. Great burn line…and very delicious. And the box my came out of is cool as hell.

  11. I thought this stick was extremely mild and one dimensional. The finish was so short, and thin. For such a huge stick this cigar has no flavor. I was very dissapointed.

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