Twitter Poll: Favorite Football Wachin’ Cigar

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Twitter Poll: Favorite Football Wachin’ Cigar

In a recent twitter poll, I asked my followers what their favorite cigar to smoke was during a football game. With the football season in full swing I’d love to hear what everyone is smoking?

Football Watchin' Cigar - 1

Football Watchin' Cigar - 2

Football Watchin' Cigar - 3

Football Watchin' Cigar - 4

Do you smoke something fairly one dimensional to focus more on the game or do you light up your favorite stick in celebration of the game?

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5 thoughts on “Twitter Poll: Favorite Football Wachin’ Cigar

  1. I don’t smoke while watching the game, but I always have beer on hand. My favorites during the games include Harp Lager and Yuengling Porter. A recent discovery that has been enjoyed the past 2 Monday nights is Otter Creek’s Stovepipe Porter.

  2. Unfortunately…I can’t smoke inside my home..and there is nowhere in the vacinity to smoke and watch a game…However..if I were to find myself in such a situation..I would probably go with a Padron 1926 #9 maduro..

  3. A nub is Connecticut is perfect for me when the birds are playing, but if I don’t have one in the humidor I usually go for an oliva g. I don’t really like lighting up a real flavorful cigar when I’m watching a game because I will get side tracked easily. It’s better to save them for the PLAYOFF’S. The cowboys game was a fluke!

  4. For me, determining the “perfect” cigar for any occasion is a process. My smokes are usually accompanied by a seltzer or, more often, a specially roasted coffee and I pair accordingly.

    I peruse the contents of 4 humidors… whatever is visually inviting at the moment causes me to pick up a few cigars, roll them between my fingers, look at the wrapper, sheen, check the pre-light aroma on the foot, etc.

    I usually smoke (2) per game or match (football and futbol), so I go with a couple of coronas or perfectos. Sometimes maduro. It’s totally about the moment. Can’t say I have a “go to” but base it more on the desired overall experience. Usually my best friend is over so I pick out something special/hard to come by to serve.

    It’s always something different!

    Best regards,

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