AVO No. 2 (Guest Review)

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AVO No. 2 (Guest Review)

Back for another Guest review, we have Nathan from An American Front Porch. This time around Nathan reviews the AVO No. 2 cigar.

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8 thoughts on “AVO No. 2 (Guest Review)

  1. Hey! Really enjoyed the review, did a great job as always. I also never looked at the flavor profiles that way, but it makes a lot of sense, I should try that out more often when trying to ‘rate’ a cigar. Thanks for the review–

  2. Excellent review and entertaining to boot!! As always, its a great balance of information and atmosphere creating an illusion of being right there and enjoying the cigar with you!

  3. Yet again, an excellent review. The only thing that detracted from it was the Alabama shirt, but there’s no accounting for taste I suppose 😉

    And yes, the requisite “Go Vols!”

  4. Thanks Nate, it’s always a pleasure spending time watching your reviews. I have a 5 pack of the AVO Maduro’s on the way and look forward to trying them. Thanks for bringing us the Porch.


  5. LOVE the Avo #2. And while it’s mild in flavor, it’s full bodied. There’s a difference, indeed!

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