Ramon Allones Specially Selected

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Ramon Allones Specially Selected

I think this is our first Cuban cigar here at The Stogie Review and our first review at a National Monument. Maybe I should travel all around DC and record a review at every historical monument so you get a cigar review and a tour of the Nation’s Capital.

Anyway, this week I’m reviewing the Ramon Allones Specially Selected. Most of you have heard me mention this cigar a few times in my reviews and in YQMA as being one of my “WOW” cigars.

Now, please remember that neither I or The Stogie Review are by no means saying that its okay for you to go out and acquire Cuban cigars. They are illegal and you do so at your own risk.

Cigar Nutrition
Length: 5.0″
Ring Gauge: 50
Wrapper: Cuban
Binder: Cuban
Filler: Cuban
Price: $130 (Box 25)

My Take
Liked It: Loved It
Buy It Again: Definitely
Recommend It: I do but I’m not encouraging you to break the law

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23 thoughts on “Ramon Allones Specially Selected

  1. Happy Bday!

    we’ve talked about this before, we both L O V E this cigar. I got some aging right now, maybe we’ll smoke it when/if ever the redskins make it to the big game?

    u always talk about your bad experiences with cuban Bolivars, im going to change that for you. besides the RASS, the cuban Bolivars are my all time favorite cuban cigars! Me, You, Mike and Guy will smoke some Bolivars in January when they come up! I’ll have some for all of us ๐Ÿ™‚

    once again, Happy Bday! Glad to hear the news about you and the wifey!

    PEACE! See u 2morrow!

  2. Hi Jerry, thanks for the great review. I have yet to smoke this cigar, next time I can stomach shelling out 2000 + yen for one stick I will give it a shot. The flavors you mentioned seemed like they would be very enjoyable.
    Thanks again

  3. Jerry,

    Nice review and I love the whole thumbing your nose to the government by smoking a cuban in the White House back yard. I know you did not do it for that purpose, but nice anyway. I have not had the RASS but I will add it to my list to try, uh I mean research.

    Anyway, nice review! The setting was a nice change of pace. The only thing that would have made the video better was if the secret service guy and his five friends would have tackled you on camera and hauled you off to the pokey.

  4. Awesome review Jerry, loved it! I bet when they spotted you filming there the U.S. defense readyness got bumped up to a D.E.F.C.ON. 4….lol

  5. Hi Jerry,
    Great review, as usual. I gotta tell you, I had the chance to smoke some Cubans on a recent trip and the Sancho Panza petit corona was awesome. I think I smoked about 10 in three days. If you ever come across them, definitely give them a try, you won’t be disappointed.

  6. Hey Jerry! Happy Birthday!

    This was the first Cuban on the SR and I think it was the first F-bomb as well. Very bold smoking a CC in front of the White House, but I am pretty sure there are more Cubans in DC than there are in Havana.

  7. Hey Jerry! I also have a Ramon Allones Specially Selected in my humidor and I have been aging it for about 1 year and I’m planning to age it as long as possible. I can’t wait to smoke it!

    Note: I’m living in Finland so don’t worry, I’m not breaking the law

  8. Great review of a great cigar. My personal favorite is the Partagas Serie P as far as Cuban’s go. But thanks to you, I’ll keep an eye out for this one next time I run across these types of smokes.

    On a side note, good to hear you will be giving it “The ol college try.” Best wishes!

  9. Jerry,

    I strongly doubt that the park you were in is No Smoking. I suspect that they saw you taking a video of the White House, didn’t know who you were and sent in a guy to check you out. The story was that smoking in the park is against the rules, hurry up and move along, aka quit filming the White House.

    Great video though!!! I didn’t know you worked downtown DC. I just attended AUSA in Washington DC and we went to Shelly’s Backroom and spent way too much money on cigars and Scotch. But was a great time. If I get back that way, I’ll let you know. Next time I’m bringing more of my own cigars!!! Ended up smoking all mine the day before Shelly’s Backroom so had none left. Bleh.


  10. It is great to have Jerry back in action!!! Your reviews are the main reason I keep coming back to the site. I had a dream last night about smoking a Cuban…are these smokes really that good that I should be dreaming about them, or is it mostly hype?

    Look forward to your next vid.

  11. i was fortunate enough to have one cuban since i started smoking cigars, (got it in a bomb and it happened to be a ramon allones. one flavor i got that really suprised me was caramel, and it was yummy.

  12. Great review and Happy Birthday!!!!

    Even though you’re supporting the commies. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I’ve had a couple of these and found them to be one of the few cuban cigars I’ll actually smoke, I don’t care for most of them.

  13. Thanks for the comment love guys! I’m sure another Cuban cigar review is in the works. Just need to decide what monument to record in front of LOL.

  14. JERRY my MAN!!!

    I’m glad to see you looking happy and healthy! When you coming back to visit?

    Thanks for the shout out… almost every time Zee and I get together for a smoke your name comes up. You gotta try some Vegas Robaina’s, I think they are right up your alley. The Classicos and the Famosos are just amazing with a little age on them.

  15. teb is a partagas roll, so that would be a good quality cigar. and a rass thats 3 years old, is good age 3-5 years on the RASS is suffecient.

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