San Cristobal de La Habana

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San Cristobal de La Habana

I’m back with another Cuban cigar review. This time its my other favorite Cuban, the San Cristobal de La Habana in the Officios size. Video has a Blair Witch Project look to it. Just sat on my stoop with the built-in camcorder light and a new lavaliere microphone.

Cigar Nutrition
Length: 5.3″
Ring Gauge: 43
Wrapper: Cuban
Binder: Cuban
Filler: Cuban
Price: $180 (25)

I don’t categorize the San Cristobal de La Habana as a “WOW” cigar but its pretty damn close. Its a solid smoke with lots of yummy yummy goodness. I also take the time to reply to a few e-mails I received after reviewing the Ramon Allones Specially Selected like, how do I feel about breaking the law or how do I feel about supporting communism? Interesting things like…Thanks in advance for the comment love! Nothing is better than talking with folks who are just as passionate about cigars as I am.

Video runs 17:23 and the end gets cut off but until next week…Long Ashes brothers (and any sisters out there)!

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30 thoughts on “San Cristobal de La Habana

  1. Solid review, Jerry. I too enjoy the San Cristobal line.

    I wouldn’t sweat the simpletons that suggest you’re supporting communism by smoking Habanos. It isn’t 1956 and the Cold War’s been over for 20 years. These haters are the same guys that are dressed head to toe in Chinese clothing which they wash in their Chinese Maytags, all courtesy of Wall-Mart. If you don’t like communism, you’d better return that new waffle iron while you’re at it. Castro’s on his way, and so is the embargo.

  2. Great Review Jerry!

    I’ve had a few ISOMS but have yet to have one that blew me away.

    I’ve always been one of those people that doesn’t buy into the hype. To me a cigar is a cigar. Sort of along the lines you were saying, you have to judge each cigar (brand) on its own. But I disagree that comparing Non-Cubans to cubans (or vice-versa) is like comparing apples to oranges. We don’t compare only nicaraguan cigars to nicaraguans… we throw them all in together. We don’t give one cigar special consideration (at least I know I don’t) if one is made in Nicaragua, and another in Honduras. It seems to me that because of the “illegality” of cubans has made them to be some holy idol to which other cigars manufacturers should strive to attain. I’m not saying cuban tobacco isn’t the best, but its just that… tobacco grown in cuba… why isn’t Hoduran tobacco so revered? (that was rhetorical lol).
    I think… the desire for the forbidden fruit has more of an influence than people like to think. I’m sure there are people who genuinely love cuban cigars more than any other, and it has nothing to do with anything but their own personal taste. My preference tends to be towards Nicaraguan tobacco…Will I pick up a cigar based soley on the origin of the tobacco…no. I’ll pick it up if its something I’ve not had, or something I’m in the mood for, I don’t care who made it. I think the aura of a cuban cigar is greater than people think, and will be a serious detriment to the cigar industry if and or when the embargo ends. Think how sought after and coveted the Opus X is…It’s supply and demand, thats it. Same thing with cubans… we want what we can’t have.


  3. Jonas hit the nail on the head! I was gonna make a comment similar to that, but maybe with a little bit of a smart-assy flare and a few cuss words. 🙂

    Jerry, great job! The audio was good and the video worked….might be a little better if the cam was at eye level, but on the positive side, your nose looked clean! hahaha!

    “Bangin'” is a term that should be used more to describe often to cigars, I like it!

    Bangin’ review!

  4. 911 Operator . . . Yes there is a strange man outside, I think he is going to rob my house. At least he’s dressed that way. Ma’am does he have a cigar, a torpedo shaped head, and is he wearing the new line of Crocs? Yes. That’s just Jerry. He’s harmless. Offer him a nip of hooch from your flask and he’ll be your friend for life. And, if it makes you feel safer, you can track his every move on Twitter.

    On a serious note, I am liking the Cuban reviews. I am heading to Canada in a few weeks and I will have to pick up a few cigars while I am there (even if they cost an arm and a leg). Then I’ll have to get me a supplier so I can get my commie smokes while at home. I’m such a pinko.

  5. Great review of an excellent cigar. I’m not gonna make fun of your reservoir tip skully. You’re gonna have to get a pair of knit gloves and cut off the thumb and pointer fingers so you can hold your cigar. Once again..great review, keep ’em coming.

  6. Rich – Nice rant and I agree. I will have to go back and look but the “apple to oranges” comment was made (or should have been made) in the context of just Cuban cigars. Meaning you can’t compare a Cuban cigar that was made in 1980 to a Cuban cigar made in 2000. Comparing a cigar (regardless of whether its Cuban or not) from within the same decade is a fair comparison.

  7. Jerry,

    For being outside in the dark, this review looks pretty awesome! I have a friend who travels to Cuba every once in a while and brings back goodies. I’ll have to hunt him down in Kentucky when he gets back and schmooze. LOL…

    Great review man!

  8. Jerry!!!!!!! You may say this isn’t a WOW cigar but damn dude, this is a WOW review! Very nicely done and you communicated very well.

    Where is that post about what hardware you use and your work flow? Most lavaliere microphones are mono, what did you do to get it to play on both channels?

    Again, great stuff! I agree with Tony…the word “bang’n” needs to be used more when describing cigars…LOL

  9. First time visitor to your blog and its great to see one of my favorite cigars being profiled! Very nice video!

  10. Nicely done! I haven’t had this Cuban just because it’s a new player on the field. Any recommendations on aging this Cuban?

  11. Fascinating review Jerry! Well done and you’re right, it does look like you have a condom on your head. LOL.

    I know I gave you grief awhile back but your last 3-4 reviews have been, as you would say, “bangin”!

    I visit Stogie Guys a lot because the review Cubans from time-to-time and you guys didn’t. Now, I have no need to leave!

  12. Incredible review! I must know what kind of camera you use!

    I’ve always overlooked the San Cristobal when traveling outside of the US. The pricing always looked good but I just wasn’t familiar with the name to take the plunge. Next time I see these, I’m definitely picking them up.

    One question, with Ashton owning the San Cristobal name in the US how will the San Cristobal name be affected when the Cuban Embargo ends? Who will own the name?

  13. Jerry…I’m one of your Twitter followers but now that your “boy” Obama is in the White House and with his Socialist, when will the Cuban Embargo end?

  14. Good question on the who own’s what name if the embargo is lifted. My understanding is it will go to those that registered the name in the US during the embargo, i.e. Ashton will get to use the name.

    It’s also my understanding that Cuba would probably add something like Cuban San Cristobal which would make it different and distinct from the Ashton San Cristobal. However, who knows but fascinating conversation. Hopefully we’ll all get to find out how it works heh.


  15. By the time the cuban embargo ends, we’ll be taxed up the wazoo on cigars so does it really matter?? haha just ranting…

    By seriously, keep up the great CC reviews! They are great and I always look forward to what you’ll be reviewing next Jerry!


  16. Interesting comments about when the embargo will end now that Obama is President and who owns what names. Would like to see your response to them Jerry as well your equipment and work flow.

    I love these two Cuban cigar reviews you’ve done. Adds a new dimension to site and gives us some smokes to look for when traveling outside the US.

  17. i like this cigar a lot. especially the El Principe size. ive had some from 04 05 and 06 …. all burned fine, great construction, great flavor. its definitely a good cigar from cuba that you can get for a reasonable price. same as the Ramon Allones and Sancho Panza cubans. not to bad on the price and great cigars.

    i love this review lol … i thought it was funny and good. keep em coming man!

    – dennis

  18. As for the supporting communism comments. Read Jonas’ comment. He hit the nail on the head. These are the same people driving in their “American” cars packed with parts from China. Then they go home and watch TV on their China made TV, and leave hate comments from their PC/MAC, made in China. Did I mention that virtually EVERYTHING is made in China?

    I am from the school of thought that Cuban cigars are over rated. I know it’s a blanket statement, and your argument makes sense. But I still stick with my comment as well. I say they are overrated in the context of “When they are good, they are REALLY good. When they are bad, they are really bad.” Just like any Dominican, Honduran etc. I guess Cuban cigars lost their magic with me in a way, after having so many bad ones.

    Anyhow… Great review Jerry!


  19. I am a Cuban American & I have never smoked a Cuban cigar. I have never purchased Cuban cigars because I choose not to put money in Fidel’s pockets. Comments on China are irrelevant unless you’re a Chinese immigrant. Besides, if China made good cigars, I might actually buy them. The point is, even if there was no embargo, I would not purchase Cuban goods due to the fact that U.S. dollars would never fall into the right hands under Castro’s rule.

  20. Eh, smoke em if you got em. Most of my friends smoke Cubans but I really just don’t care for the flavor. Of course I have an anti-island bias.

    Nice review, btw.

  21. Great review Jerry!! I’m with you … the people in Cuba need to eat like everyone else. If I knew where to get some that were not fake. I’d buy them too.

  22. great review as always… but i’m just wondering how long before we have a blooper real of Jerry trying to set the house on fire with cedar or burning himself with ash? There must be more outtakes that didn’t make the final cut.

  23. Jerry this is long over due but thanks for sending me a pair of these to try. You’re so on point with your review! Awesome smoke.

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