Election Day Smoke

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Election Day Smoke

Due to some travel that had me out of town since last week (seasoned with a bit of poor planning on my part), I don’t have a review ready for this week.

As I made the long drive back from Miami on Tuesday, I was wondering what my fellow cigar smokers out there were lighting up on such an important day. Did they light up a special cigar as they walked away from casting their ballot, as I did when I voted early the week before? And as the evening wore on and the results were coming in, what was burning in the ashtray?

I marked the day by lighting up a sizable CAO America as Miami disappeared in the rear view mirror. (And chuckled a little bit when I thought that I should have saved that Faux-hiba I smoked on South Beach a few days earlier.)

What cigar(s) did you smoke on election day?

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19 thoughts on “Election Day Smoke

  1. CAO Limited Release from the Rock n’ Rolled tour.

    Time to horde up on cigars now that surely the SCHIP will be re-introduced with a $10 cigar tax that Obama will certainly sign.

  2. I spent most of the day at my local cigar shop. I started the day with an Oliva Serie V Maduro, very good, followed by a Rocky Patel Renaissance, eh….., and ended the day while watching the election coverage with an Illusione 2. It was a good day that ended as a great day! Hooray for Obama!

  3. From Switzerland, we’ve celebrated the night with an F9 Illusione (so far one of the best I’ve ever had).

    By the way, great website! I’ve learned a lot from you!

  4. After voting a La Aurora 100 Anos, hoping for a roaring victory. After the election was called an AF Anejo shark–I purchased 2 before I went home to IA for the caucuses, smoked the first one when he one there and had been saving the second for last night. Great day of smoking, but I promised my new wife that if Obama won I’d quit my cigarette smoking…
    No promises about cigars though!!!

  5. I was at work watching the elections last night. When I got home this morning I celebrated with a Man o’ War toro. I’ll have either an Illusione 888 or a JdN Antano tonight after the WEC fights.

  6. I sparked up a Dona Flor post election. Verrry niice!

    Hey, you drove by my hood and didn’t stop by for a smoke? Sure, it was a few hours out of the way, and time did not permit it, but miss a chance to smoke with the great Ed? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. I hung out at the shop played some darts, and some poker. Smoked a Montessino, then an Edge Corojo, then a MAXX(thfix) then as the results were coming in, I sparked up a 40thNatural to celebrate. Very well rounded day of smoking.

  8. The Tom Half… (Or commenter formerly known as Tom)-

    Yeah, I really wanted to swing by, but the president of this family vetoed that measure when I presented it to her. But she had so much fun (in spite of having to sit around on Calle Ocho while I talked cigars) that she wants to roadtrip to Florida again. Next time, Tampa, baby!

    I gambled on being able to grab a quick smoke with Dogwatch Bob on my way through his neighborhood, but that didn’t work out either. Jeez, I can’t believe some people have to work during the week! LOL (Oh wait, I have to work during the week… dammit.)

  9. I didn’t smoke one, but I sold a box of Camacho Liberty 2008 to the Libertarian candidate, Bob Barr, who is an avid cigar smoker and headquartered just up the street from my shop.

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