YQMA #40 – Discussion Topics

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YQMA #40 – Discussion Topics

In our Discussion Topics segment we discuss a topic provided to us by MikeWV regarding whether we’ve ever corrected another BOTL’s smoking etiquette and our personal annoyances. We then move on to a topic from Mojovator about the cigar “lifestyle”.

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2 thoughts on “YQMA #40 – Discussion Topics

  1. Here’s a story that I must share regarding cigar etiquette.

    Sometime this past summer, I headed over to my local shop and at first, I wasn’t planning on staying for a smoke. After seeing that there were a few guys hanging around, I decided to stay and shoot the breeze. I remember the cigar I was smoking was a 601 Habano Robusto. I was talking to the shop owner when 2 guys walk into the shop. They greet everybody, then head over to the humidor. A few minutes later, they are joining us for a smoke and to shoot the breeze. This is where the story gets funny. This one guy in particular was talking alot about his humidor and the cigar collection he has. He was making himself look like a complete cigar snob. I watched him as he wet down the cap of the cigar and then used his cutter. Up until that point, everything this guy was doing was pretty normal……that was until he lit the cigar. In my 10 short years of smoking, I’ve never, EVER, seen anybody do what he did. He toasted the foot of the cigar which seemed like forever, he then proceeded to hold the cigar upright so the foot of the cigar was facing up, and he began making circles over his head with the cigar. You guys have know idea how hard it was to keep myself from bursting out in laughter, or asking him WTF was that? He then looked at the foot of the cigar and I guess it wasn’t well lit because his cigar went on another whirly bird ride. This happened a total of 3 times until the cigar was good enough to begin puffing on it. I’ve yet to see this guy again and when I do, I will have my camera phone waiting to record the insanity.

  2. Great episode guys..My heartfelt wish is to someday hang out with you guys over a trash can..and smoke cigars..

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