Warped Cigars Abydos (Guest Review)

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Warped Cigars Abydos (Guest Review)

This weeks guest review comes from our friend
Ratters from the Stogie Review Fan Forum

Cigar: Warped Cigars Abydos
Filler: Dominican/Nicaraguan/Peruvian
Binder: Ecuadorian
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Vitola: 6×46 corona gorda
Price: 4.35 a piece from www.warpedcigars.com

Guest Review: Warped Cigars - Abydos - 1

Setting: Sunroom, Friday, 3:30pm, about 73 degrees out. Drinking a Peach Snapple.

Pre-light: The cigar is one of my favorite vitolas, the corona grande. The wrapper is a ruddy to splotchy brown with small to medium veins and a nice oily sheen when held to the light. The cigar does have a sizeable hole in the wrapper about 2mm in diameter a little over an inch from the foot. The cigar is mostly firm, with a couple soft spots around where the band would be. The roll seems odd, not perfectly circular, with flat sides almost like half a box press. The foot of the cigar has a very fresh tobacco smell with a hint of spice. The cap cut easily using the cranial screw top method. The draw was free with a sweet tobacco taste.

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First third: The cigar lit very easily and quickly. Very mild at the start, the initial tastes are basically an earthy tobacco with a touch of toastiness. The ash is nice an light though a tad on the fragile side. The finish is pleasant but dry. Body and smoke production are on the light side. As I get about an inch in the smoke production picks up as does a woody toasty flavor. The burn line is pretty thin and even. The ash let go at about the inch mark only giving a glancing blow to the jeans. The small hole in the wrapper had no effect on the cigar at all.

Guest Review: Warped Cigars - Abydos - 3

Second third: The smoke is moving into the medium range in both body and flavor. The flavor keeps that woody toasty flavor that’s very nice, but other nuances seem to come and go. There is a bit of coffee bitterness on the side of the tongue, adding more interest than unpleasantness. There is no spice to the cigar so far it’s smoking pretty smoothly. The burn has developed a bit of a wave, but nothing that requires tending. The dryness on the finish is remaining, but that my also be the cold medicine I’m on, so I’m willing to give it the benefit of the doubt.

Guest Review: Warped Cigars - Abydos - 4

Final third: There’s a bit of spice developing in the middle of the tongue as it hits the final third. Body is still in the medium range, and the flavor that sticks in my mind throughout is TOASTY. The sweetness that was there in the beginning has returned more to the front, along with a somewhat nutty flavor. The cigar is burning at a really nice rate, entering the final third at just a bit over the hour mark. The burn has been consistent with no relights or touchups necessary. The smoke became a lot more creamy in the final third as well.

Final thoughts: Well, overall this is a pretty nice cigar. Smoked well and had pretty decent flavors throughout. It was a great size and burned almost exactly to the hour and a half mark. I want to thank Kyle for giving me the chance to review this smoke. For me though it doesn’t quite hit my strength or flavor profile, which is more in the Camacho and Joya style, but I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these to someone who smokes Padrons or other of the medium strength sticks this reminded me of.

Smoke again: If a buddy handed me one sure, but won’t go out of my way just cause it’s not my type of smoke.
Buy again: Well, didn’t buy this one but probably won’t buy anymore. I’m looking forward to trying the Anibus though, especially the maduro.
Recommend: Sure, well made smoke with pretty good flavors.

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