Camacho 10th Anniversary

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Camacho 10th Anniversary

I’m back! Filling in for my buddy Walt who needed to take care of some plumbing issues (if you follow Walt, Brian and I on Twitter you know the story). No Cuban this time around. Instead I have a review of the robusto sized Camacho 10th Anniversary. Its a cigar that I’ve read mixed reviews on and after Tom & Ed did their review of it awhile back for us, I thought it was time to check it out.

Cigar Nutrition
Length: 4.5″
Ring Gauge: 50
Wrapper: Corojo
Binder: Corojo
Filler: Corojo
Price: $10.80 (1)

I have to say that for a $10.80 cigar I was disappointed. I was expecting more. After the solid nutty flavor and spicy finish, there wasn’t much to it. I had hints of other flavors scattered throughout and I was excited hoping they would all come together but it just never developed.

If you’ve tried the Camacho 10th Anniversary, please leave a comment and let me know what your experience was.

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10 thoughts on “Camacho 10th Anniversary

  1. Nice review as always Jerry.

    As for the 10th Anniversary I had much the same experience with the couple I’ve had. I’m an avowed Camacho whore, smoke plenty of them a week, but found the 10th to be smooth but lack the punch and flavor of the standard Corojos or Diplomas. Certainly not worth the money for me. That said, the 11/18s are better than the robustos, giving a bit more time for the flavor to develop, but still just full of meh.

  2. Expecting much, received little . . . too much hype around this cigar. I found it to be very, very dry. Not much flavor after the 1st third. Burn and draw were excellent but from an overall perspective – there just wasn’t much there. The dryness was really an issue for me over the course of about five cigars.

  3. Thanks for the review Jerry. I guess Cuban cigars are a tough act to follow. LOL

    Looking forward to your video reply to comments thing. I think it will go over well.

  4. I was incredibly underwhelmed by the first one I had, which was the robusto size. Just didn’t stack up to the Diploma. I had a torpedo a month or 2 later, and it was much more satisfying.

  5. Nice review, Jerry. Too bad the 10th Anni. doesn’t stack up. The corojo I had was awesome! And I had to bite on the Joe Cigar deal for today.

    Survivorman kicks ass! It’s on Discovery Channel (full hour) or Discovery Science (short version – 30 minutes).

  6. I enjoy these, but it really depends on the time of day for me. They’re milder and some of the complexity I have trouble picking up at the end of a long day so I like them late in the morning when my palate is dead on.

    More often than not though I’d rather reach for a Diploma 11/18 though. I’ve been really digging those and the 07/05’s.

  7. I smoke an average of six cigars a day. (For 21 years). Recently I smoked several other camacho cigars and was impressed. So I bought a box of 60/6 10th anniversary. Even though the promo price was good, I am disappointed in these. Very benign flavor, which is top priority for me. That’s it, just a very bland cigar with such pedigree, size and price.

  8. Ordered (10) 11/18 Perfecto on CI Joe Cigar deal, $39.95. Received torpedos? Rested them for 2 weeks. Bam!!! Delicious spicy complex smokes. Must have hit the jackpot…

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