Top Shelf Signature Select Pure Corojo (Short Ashes)

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Top Shelf Signature Select Pure Corojo (Short Ashes)

In this episode of Short Ashes, I take a look back at the Top Shelf Signature Select Pure Corojo (Red Label). While visiting Jim Cronin at Top Shelf Cigars last week, Jim gave me one of his Red Labels for the road. On my way out the door I stuck the cigar in my shirt pocket for later smoking. I had four cigars already and my tongue was beginning to feel furry from all of the smoke.

A couple of days later I felt the urge for a rich and ful bodied cigar. I grabbed the TSSS Puro Corojo and fired up the recorder to share my thoughts. Check out the video below to see if my cigar lived up to what my original review had to offer.

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3 thoughts on “Top Shelf Signature Select Pure Corojo (Short Ashes)

  1. Nice review…never heard of those. Really gave off a dark gray smoke when exhaled.

    I gotta tell you, I really like the short ashes format. For me this style is better as I prefer the reviews without music, as I usually am listening to my own music when watching your reviews. Also, the photos of the cigar burning is a nice touch, but does little for me one way or the other, and must take forever to complete and mix into the final product.

    I’d like to see a marriage of the 2 styles… a little history on the smoke, yet with the shorter format and no music. My 2 cents.

  2. Great review. Sounds a little too much for me…but if I see one I will definately give it a whirl!
    I like both the regular format and Short Ashes formant. A little of both is always good!

  3. Walt, I watched the Short Ashes out of order (Top Shelf before Oliva) and did not understand the entire premise behind it.

    Now that I “get it” (revisit a smoke you have reviewed in the past…no frills) I say keep both styles as well.

    I think my comments made earilier came from an angle of one who has done some editing myself and grasps the “labor of love” each of your reviews must be.

    I hope everyone realizes all the effort that goes into your final product (I can only imagine how long 1 normal review must take from planning to final product).

    How you find the time, and yet still conduct a normal functional life, I’ll never know.

    Thanks for what you do.

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