Oliva Serie G Maduro (Short Ashes)

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Oliva Serie G Maduro (Short Ashes)

Here we are with yet another Short Ashes Cigar Review. This time I take a look back at the Oliva Serie G Maduro. Just as I would have expected, the cigar smoked very well and did not disappoint. This cigar has become one that I consider to be a morning, noon, and night stick. I can smoke them on an empty stomach with my morning coffee or as a nightcap.

After you are finished with this video, head back to my original Oliva Serie G Maduro review and see if my impression has changed at all since January of 2007.

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5 thoughts on “Oliva Serie G Maduro (Short Ashes)

  1. Hey Walt, thanks for the review!
    I just got done smoking an Oliva G Churchill before watching this. I have to agree with you that this will always hit the spot. I had one in the morning with some coffee, and I just finished the day with one.
    Thanks again-

  2. Nice job Walt. I enjoyed the review, but I also liked the shortness.

    I too really enjoy the Oliva G Maduro. I have some of my fondest cigar memories with that cigar.

  3. Walt,

    Thanks for the review. I only recently had my first Oliva G Maduro and I really enjoyed it. Of all the maduros I have smoked this has got to be one of my favs.

    I’ve been shopping around for a good deal on a box for the humidor. Gotta have ’em.

    Have a good weekend!

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