Rocky Patel Edge Sumatra (Short Ashes)

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Rocky Patel Edge Sumatra (Short Ashes)

After attending a Rocky Patel event a couple of weeks ago featuring the new Renaissance, I came across some information that it is supposed to be identical to the Edge Sumatra. Knowing that I had one Edge Sumatra left over from a package from Ace, I decided to fire it up and look back on the experience.

The irst time around I wasn’t overly pleased with this cigar. As a result I did not get my hopes up and was pleasantly surprised by what the cigar had to offer.

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The Edge Sumatra by Rocky Patel

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8 thoughts on “Rocky Patel Edge Sumatra (Short Ashes)

  1. Seriously, me too! Wanna edit my videos? LOL

    I’m equally shocked to hear Walt enjoying a RP. I’m heading down to my bomb shelter, clearly this is the end of the world!

  2. Walt giving RP some love? What is the world coming to? I think Hell is getting a bit nippy. LOL

    I did enjoy the new intro, very cool.

  3. The new intro is a keeper for sure. Also liked the comparision with the Renaissance….would love to see you guys do a comparision of La Aroma de Cuba (Old Vs. New). Like the Short Ashes segments as well …great job.

  4. I think you finally got one that is representative of the true Edge Sumatra. I shamelessly love these but I will say that there are about 1 in every 7-8 that are duds, you may have just gotten unlucky last time. I think they roll some extra ligero into the ones that turn out duds because the burn goes to hell and the taste is bitter and harsh (I got one two days ago). I find most of them to smoke, burn, and taste how you described them here. It is always nice to find a cigar that wows you.

  5. Great review Walt. I love these smokes. I’m happy that I have about 20 of them left. I haven’t had a dud and all of them have burnt perfectly and tasted great. Love them.

  6. My experiences with the edge says that age on it makes it a completely different cigar. So if that guy gave it to you, he might have had it for a while before he did. When you pick them up from the store and smoke them right away they are often too edgy like you said, but they taste so smooth and complex with age on them.

  7. The secret to the Sumatra is to get it as fresh as you can. It should taste like a freshly laid horse turd. It is my favorite….IF its fresh.

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