Oliva Serie G Cameroon (Short Ashes)

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Oliva Serie G Cameroon (Short Ashes)

Over the weekend I was hustling to get something put together for Sundays post. I had a few errands to run and planned on taking a cigar along for the ride. I got to thinking, since I’m smoking a cigar between stops I might as well bring my camera along and try to kill two birds with one stone.

Between errands I decided to park my car and do a quick video update on my cigar, in this case an Oliva Serie G Cameroon. As it turns out, I had enough time left in the day to put together a review on the Vector Plug Cutter.

Below is my Short Ashes take on the Oliva Serie G Cameroon in a Special G size.

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Oliva Serie G Cameroon

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8 thoughts on “Oliva Serie G Cameroon (Short Ashes)

  1. A wealth of info in a short amount of time….very nice! I like the short ashes segments….are any of the others gonna do these?

  2. Walt,

    Awesome review!!! Love the fact that you smoke in the car as well. I too have to smoke in the car in the winter. No smoking in my house or I would be chop liver by my wife! Hey what is the title and composer of the music in the beginning?


  3. Joel,
    The song is “Hugs” by “Ebu Gogo”

    No need to look at the road, I was parked during all of the recordings. I don’t normally talk on a cell phone while driving, recording would have been even more extreme 😉


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