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I want to preface this review the same way I did in the video. These Lx2 were gifted to me by Jon Huber of CAO Cigars. Jon was nice enough to send me a few Lx2’s to try after having a conversation on Twitter about how they can be hard to find and how I’ve had mixed results from the two that I had tracked down (one was from IPCPR and the other from my brother but I don’t know which was which). So thats it, thats the story of how I got these Lx2’s.

I don’t like reinventing the wheel so you can find all the details of the Lx2 over at Cigar Jack (who is on Twitter too). I just smoke and record.

In the video I let you in on a new iPhone/iPod Touch app that has come in handy when I’m out and about enjoying a cigar and need to jot down a few notes. It comes in handy for cigars, wine, beer, whiskey, coffee, tea and other vices.

Until next week…Long Ashes

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32 thoughts on “CAO Lx2

  1. Outstanding review Jerry! One of your best all around reviews of a cigar. Both informational and entertaining as you fumble over your words. LOL.

    Again, bravo job on this review.

  2. Wow! What an awesome review! I’m a recent new follower of your’s on Twitter and my first time visiting your site and I’m really really impressed.

    CAO should use this as marketing! I wish cigar shops were open right now cause I’d run out and buy an Lx2.

    Seriously though, great job. Perfect balance of cigar information and personality. Ever consider taking any kind of public speaking or broadcasting classed at your local community college? I think with a little fine tuning of your natural skills, you’d be a hit!

  3. Very persuading review. I know what you are talking about with the Lancero sized Lx2. I know many people who have had draw problems in that size.

    After this review I think I need to give the Lx2 another shot and as you recommend, be patient with it. The initial blast of pepper turned me off to it too.

    I will definitely try the Lx2 again and be sure to pack some patience with me. Thanks Jerry! Your videos rock!

  4. Can I ask how you get your video and sound to be such good quality? Also, where can I download your opening music. It so rocks!

    I’m a big fan of the Lx2 and it was kind of funny to see the “buzz” hit you. Its definitely not for the weak.

  5. Jerry! What a entertaining and insightful review of the Lx2. My tastes are along the lines of your’s and its great to see you adventure out of your comfort zone.

    I’m a long time visitors but was impressed so much by this video and its content that I decided now was a the best time to leave some “comment love”.

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  7. Uncle Jerry! Looks like you are gaining some new followers oh Great Torpedo… which is incognito in this vid under that awesome CAO lid! Good to see you smoke something you’re not used to man! Kudos as always broski!

  8. Great video review Jerry but my personal favorite video of you smoking a full body power house is your Mysterio review. But this one has that one beat on other cool information like sports, applications for the I-Phone etc. Hey, if your discussing phone apps. how about convincing people to support Verizon!!! I have the LG Dare and dangit, not near the software app support.

    Did your stomach do any flips from the nicotine? That’s all that get’s me nervous on those Lx2 types. Dang LFD almost made me puke LOL!!!!

  9. Nice hat Jerry!!!! I’ve been following Stogie Review for about a month now and I’m almost finished with all the archived reviews and I must say both you and Walt have progressed very nicely in terms of presentation. Your cigar preferences are about like mine and I’ve purchased several that you have reviewed and most are right on with my opinion. Keep up the good work.

  10. This cigar is all power no flavor. I have seen at least 10 people already at my last herf and at the cigar shop put it down and be pissed they wasted there money.

    I smoked 2 LX2’s (lancero and toro) way to many draw and burn problems. especially the lancero.

    Big Big PASS. Smoke something else.

    – dennis

  11. Nice review Jerry but I’ve had about a dozen of these Lx2 and wasn’t impressed. Maybe I’m not as a patient as you but that upfront power was just too much. Kind of burned my palate and couldn’t move ahead.

  12. Jerry,

    Good review of the lx2! I agree with your flavor profile of it but also agree that there seem to be inconsistencies in the construction as a lot of people are having issues especially with the lanceros from plugging to even just plain not staying lit.

    It’s always good to venture out of the comfort zone occasionally it promotes growth.

    Matt M.

  13. Jerry I loved the review but not the cigar. Like others I’ve tried the Lx2 and have been disappointed. Maybe Jon keeps all the good Lx2’s for himself and sent you the cream of the crop. The handful I’ve had, have left me unimpressed. I’ll take a Brazilia or America any day over an Lx2.

    Great quality review and I love your personality and enthusiasm you have for cigars!

  14. I’m with everyone else. Lx2 is a disappointment. Too much power, inconsistent draw (even outside of the Lancero size). I think you gave this cigar too much benefit of the doubt but I love the hat!

  15. I think that right now the LX2 is more power than flavor, but in time that might change. I’m going to let them rest for a long time, and then maybe they will be more to my liking.

  16. I have to agree with your take on this cigar. I thought it was good. The only difference I noticed between your review and mine is a slight nutty flavor.

    My only complaint was the two I smoked required a lot of touch up’s to correct the burn.

    As always, great review. I bow to your ability to bring out the comment love.

  17. Jerry I’m normally a huge fan of your reviews but this review bothered me with your “be patient” and “try it again” remarks. I feel like you were pushing too hard to be positive. I dunno…just had a bad vibe after your “transparency” comment.

    Personally, I lump CAO & Gurkha in the same boat. All marketing where making a decent cigar takes a back seat to eye candy. We saw it time and time again with these guys.

    Maybe I’m being too negative and despite the bad vibe I got from your intro I’m going to stick with trusting your opinion and will add the Lx2 to my “Must Try” list.

    Thanks for the effort.

  18. Jerry, I look forward to reviewing this cigar once I get my hands on it. Nice job too, and thanks for the IPHONE tip. Oh and before I go, CAPS SUCK! (LOL)


  19. Hey Jerry, nice review as always. I do think the LX2 has potential, but I feel that CAO rushed this cigar to the market a little hastily. It is slightly harsh to my palate. Perhaps some more time resting will tone down the overbearing harsh spice and some of the underlying flavor components will shine through.

  20. Interesting review and some interesting comments.

    I’m on the the fence with the Lx2. I’ve had some really good ones and some below average at least in regards to draw and burn problems. More than likely they just need some ago on them.

    Really great review!

  21. Jerry, great review as always however, the LX2 might be a little strong for my taste. But will give them a shot. On a side note the “tasting note” Iphone app is 4.99 from the Itune site. Just purchased it sure will come in handy. Tyson the opening song can also be found on Itunes if you have that software.

  22. Nice review! I just smoked an LX2, and I have to say I was not impressed. I never seemed to find any good flavors coming out of it. This cigar will definitely not replace the Padrons I have grown quite fond of. One good point about it was the construction and burn qualities. I did get quite the buzz off it too, though that could have been from the Glenlivet I was drinking with it 🙂 Anyway, good work once again!

  23. Great review Jerry, I smoked the Toro size last night and found it to be more enjoyable than the robusto and the Lancero, Although the nicotine left my head swimming even while drinking a Mountain Dew. This is a great cigar and should be given a chance.

  24. I love the LX2 flavor profile, but every one I’ve smoked had a tight draw. I’m talking robusto and toros. Sales guy at a shop in Norfolk, Va wouldn’t even sell me a lancero ’cause everyone was bitching that the draw was so tight to be unsmokable.

  25. Just picked 3 of these up to give a try, before I watched your review! I am smoking as watching and can TOTALLY agree with the FULL body of this puppy 😉 As a noob to the cigar world this is a kick in the rear. I am still smoking, only smoked about a third so far, but WOW it has body! Comparing this to the mild-medium I have been smoking, it would be about at the moon in distance apart 🙂

    I am going to finish it off, I used to smoke cigs, so I doubt I will get sick from it, but just a warning to noobs like myself, he is NOT kidding about the body!!


    Oh and I LOVE the CX2!!! I thought this might be close to it…LOL us noobs have to make you guys laugh!

    I got a hat also for buying my 3 – so even i do not care for them, I will still have something.

    I paid $7.29+tax for the longer one (toro?) and $6.49 for the 5 inchers (got 2 of them) – smoking the longer one now.

  26. I love the LX2 taste, but my box is 50% bad. 🙁
    Ive smoked 8 of them now, trying to give them a chance, but 4 of them had major draw and burn issues. 1 had to relight 3 times, and still required me to puff so much it was hot and bitter.
    The one I just finished wouldnt draw for the life of me, even when I poked it and cut off 1/2 inch on each end.
    I really want to smoke these, because I love the taste, but the quality control is severely lacking.

  27. CAO’s Twitter page is brilliant… a great way to develop a strong, loyal following. Is there a way to look at an LX2 and see if it’s going to be good, instead of having to try smoking it to find out?

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