Stogie Poll: Smoking while you are sick

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Stogie Poll: Smoking while you are sick

As you may know, a couple of weeks ago I came down with a nasty cold and had to take a little hiatus from Stogie Review and cigars in general. While sick, I got an email from Keith asking if we smoked cigars while we were ill.

Shortly after receiving the email I ran an informal poll on twitter asking the same question. I don’t remember the exact turnout, but it was pretty close.

Now for the formal poll.

[poll id=”3″]

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17 thoughts on “Stogie Poll: Smoking while you are sick

  1. Hello 2009 Edition of Stogie Review,
    My view on smoking while having a cold specifically is that I believe that one can not truly appreciate all the flavor that a good cigar will give the smoker. When your sinuses are stuffed up, you cannot taste the good cigar flavors. Plus, if a smoker is already coughing due to the cold before the cigar, I can’t imagine why smoking while sick is a very good idea/ an enjoyable experience. Very cool topic for a poll and discussion Walt!
    As Jerry would say, “Long Ashes!”

  2. I smoke when I’m sick but its normally out of habit and its never anything sophisticated or expensive. Maybe a Gispert or Famous Dominican 2000.

  3. I don’t enjoy smoking or eating for that matter. I have a suggestion: when I start to feel a little scratchiness in the back of my throat, I use a spray called Zicam. It comes in spray or swab so you can choose. Anyway, it really works. I seem to get a very mild cold as opposed to a full blown head exploder.

  4. It’s a way to relax when sick – I’ll smoke something mild knowing my taste buds might be a little out of whack.

  5. It mainly depends on what type of sickness. I smoke when ill with most things, unless it is something that is affecting my throat. If I have a really sore or irritated throat then I will usually refrain from smoking for a few days. However I find with a lot of symptoms that cigar smoking can actually alleviate them and make me feel somewhat better.

  6. I find that I cannot enjoy a cigar when I’m sick, in much the same way that I can’t eat very much when I feel ill. Also, if I’m sick enough, a cigar actually feels noxious, rather than being a relaxing treat. Tastes and smells that I normally enjoy immensely can actually be quite nauseating when I’m unwell. I prefer to leave cigar smoking for times when I can savour the experience.

  7. I will smoke on the tail end of a cold if only left with nasal congestion and only if it can be taken care of with some sudafed. If my nose is not allowing air to pass go then I keep my humis closed.

  8. I’m with the general consensus. I don’t see a reason to smoke a cigar when I can’t really enjoy what I’m smoking. If I can’t smell a thing then I won’t be able to pick up the flavors in the cigar and it will be just like smoking a cigarette. I smoke the for the aromas and flavors I can pick up and not just the nicotine.

  9. I agree with most here and just can’t enjoy a cigar when sick. I do however find myself craving one more when I know I shouldn’t have one.

  10. I am currently down with a chest cold, and I haven’t smoked anything since last week. Here’s my rationale:

    1.) My wife goes nuts every time I even look at a cigar when I’m sick. This alone is enough to keep me smoke free during an illness. LOL
    2.) When it’s a respiratory-related illness, I suspect smoke may prolong the illness or possibly worsen the symptoms.
    3.) A brief hiatus from stoges results in more tasty cigars once the illness is over.
    4.) I can’t really taste anything anyway.

  11. Smoking while sick? Depends on the type of “sick”. Not usually during a respiratory affliction or full on nausea, but herfing usually helps out with that hangover headache “sickness”, for me. ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. I won’t smoke if I’m a “dead man walking”. But if the cold is mild and I have just a little bit of post nasal drip or sinus congestion I’ll be there. I don’t smoke a lot, so if the opportunity presents itself and I’m just a little under the weather, I’m there. I will take my Sudafed at least an hour before I smoke though. And I never smoke a really nice stick, knowing I won’t appreciate it the way I should. As an aside, the smoke seems to help clear up some congestion too. Anyone else notice this? ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. I just found this while searching on google about this. I’m actually off of work today because I’m sick and was going to have some people over tonight. Debating on having a cigar tonight. I’d honestly like one right now but I’m going to refrain from it for the time being. Damn, I hate being sick. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. When I am sick with a cough, runny nose, etc, usually what I do is dip instead. That way you are able to avoid inhaling smoke into your lungs and you still get a relaxing buzz.

  15. What about the celebration aspect? I see everyone is concerned about the flavor, as am i, but when there is an occasion that you feel needs to be celebrated with a cigar, light it up, man. Only on the tail end of sickness like Adam Cole said. You have to put your needs before wants, and you always need to feel better. It wont cause relief by the way.

  16. Just sitting here smoking a Padron while recovering from a cold – I can’t taste anything… Thought I had a bad cigar until I googled this…


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