Gurkha Grand Reserve (Guest Review)

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Gurkha Grand Reserve (Guest Review)

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Here you go guys.
My thoughts on the Gurkha Grand Reserve.

The website says:

The Grand Reserve is the flagship brand of the Gurkha Cigars. This magnificent cigar is infused with the finest cognac in the world, handmade from the finest tobaccos. The premium Connecticut shade wrapper gives this Honduran made cigar a rich, creamy flavor with a hint of spice and promises a pleasantly light finish you will truly enjoy.

They make it out to be a pretty good smoke so lets find out if it really is.

As with any Gurkha I have ever had the presentation was very nice. It came in a tube with a copper wax seal. The band was the usual Gurkha band. The cigar itself looked well made. Very smooth light colored wrapper. When I broke the seal and opened it up I was greeted by the very strong sent of Cognac. The foot of the cigar smelled like I was sniffing a bottle of cognac and as I moved up the cigar it gave way to a more sweet tobacco scent.
The pre-light was mainly cognac with the sweet tobacco flavor as well. The draw was perfect..

The first puff was very sweet but not overpowering. The cognac complamented the tobacco well and as I got toward the end of the first third it began to become more of a background flavor. There where hints of a woody flavor and some spice as well. So far this is not primarily a cognac cigar. It has all the flavors of a good cigar with the addition of the cognac.

The second third was much more woody with that same spice flavor. The Cognac has backed off a lot but is still there.
I’m getting a lot of smoke now which is awesome. I’m also picking up some citrus flavors as well. The draw is still excellent and the burn has stayed even despite my bad lighting job.

The last third has been very nice. Mainly ceder and leather flavors with a little bit of that same citrus. The Cognac is still there making every draw smooth and sweet. Burn has stayed perfectly even the entire smoke.

Over all I would say this was a great smoke. As with most of the Gurkhas they are a little expensive but I wouldn’t mind it as an every now and then kind of thing. The construction was very good and the flavor nice. An excellent after dinner smoke.

So there we are guys. That’s my first review for you guys so hope you enjoyed it.

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2 thoughts on “Gurkha Grand Reserve (Guest Review)

  1. I just had the privilege of smoking one of these and I was blown away by how well it smoked! I do not know anything about woodsy or earthy tastes. etc – it just tasted good 😉 I was actually disheartened when it got to be too small to hold and I could no longer smoke it! I am a newbie to the cigar world and to my wifes dismay, it seems like I will want to smoke more expensive cigars than I thought i would. I just cant say enough about this! i have smoked a bunch of Rocky Patels and I do not believe there is a comparison to be made since this Gurkha is leagues beyond. I have smoked one other cigar that just blew me away so far and that was the Perdomo 10th anniversary champagne.


    now to find a LOW cost cigar that i enjoy for daily smoking!

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