Ashton VSG

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Ashton VSG

Tom and Ed are back once again for another video cigar review. This time Tom and Ed tackle the Ashton VSG.

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16 thoughts on “Ashton VSG

  1. Tom and Ed.

    I found there to be a very subtle taste of Sandalwood. Might that be the flavor you couldn’t describe? Almost like a very very mild flavor like the smell of Nag Champa incense?

  2. great review guys! thanks for sharing! this is a great cigar, not my top favorite, but is a good solid cigar. glad to hear ed’s shop is doing good in these rough times. thanks again guys! always enjoy these reviews!

  3. Colibri was actually started in 1910, with their first lighter, the “Colibri Original” being produced in 1928.

  4. Great review, you guys get better with every review.
    my only complaint is that you should do these reviews more often…happy ! year anniversary…….

  5. Hey.

    Just smoked one, and it burned well and tasted good.

    As to that elusive sweet flavour: I had a molasses taste, with a slight bitterness, instead of coffee or chocolate (I pick up espresso/black chocolate in Bolivar BCF or Monte Sublimes, not in the VSG).

    Another flavour I may’ve gotten: mint. Admittedly, I noticed it on the pre-light draw, and while smoking, more with the spiciness. That’s likely not it, as it wasn’t really sweet, and I only barely noticed.

    Both tastes through “retro-haling.”

    Thanks for the review. I’m up in Canada, and it’s too cold currently to smoke as often as I’d like … so, if I can’t smoke, then I can at least enjoy via proxy by watching others smoke!

    Note, I’ve a novice-and-a-half, so take this for what it’s worth.


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