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Cigar Photos

A couple of weeks ago I picked up a new digital camera to help me along with the artistic photos that go along with my reviews. Being in a bit of a drought at the moment for post ideas, I’ve thought it would be cool to show off my progress as of late.

The photos below were taken with the idea of either posting on Stogie Review or on my Personal Blog.

Fallen Soldiers - Filled Ashtray

Oliva Serie G Maduro

Cubao by EO Brands

Top Shelf Signature Select Red Label

Rocky Patel Decade

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27 thoughts on “Cigar Photos

  1. No offense but why not post this on your personal blog? Sometimes posting nothing is better than posting something just for the sake of posting.

  2. No offense…but maybe you should take your own advice? Sometimes leaving no comment is better than commenting just for the sake of commenting.

  3. Gee what a warm welcome from “The Great Torpedo”. I guess success has gone to your head. Its a shame too since you were my favorite but it turns out you’re not all that “great” after all.

  4. Bryan, chill out. I for one enjoyed the pics — very nicely done, just looking at them makes me want to light one up.

    You could have voiced your opinion in a more respectful manner…that’s all.

  5. Nice pics Walt, I like the reflections. Do you have any of lit cigars? I enjoy looking at pictures of cigars with some nice thick smoke curling up off of it. Keep it up!


  6. Having been into photography for a long time I enjoy the pictures,all I have to do is pick up the camera again. Nice pics Walt.

  7. Nice pics Walt. I love that RP Decade picture (the Nat Sherman ashtray makes the cigar really pop). That Oliva is cool as well.

    I think I can speak for 99% of the readers here, we can only imagine how hard it is to produce a topic every day of the week. You guys do a fantastic job of pulling it off. Anything is better than nothing in my opinion, and these are nice pics. And Bryan, if you were paying for the content then you have a right to bitch. Until then appreciate what SR is providing here. It’s one of the most informative sites out there, updated every day, and 100% free. Not even the “big dogs” (lol) over at CA can say that.

  8. Don’t listen to those guys that commented first. Post whatever it is that you want. It’s your website, so do what you want. I really enjoyed what you did with the cigars. Finally, and I’m not saying that you are the first, someone paid homage to cigars as an art. Very Nice Walt!

  9. Walt,
    I’ve been digging the cigar art, you should think about putting some of it up so people can order copies and the like i think shutterfly pro does something like that. they take care of fulfillment and cut you a check.

    Matt m.

  10. Ditto what Irish Mike said. I think you guys do a great job with content. I don’t spend allot of time on the web but your site is a must hit every day.

  11. I gotta agree with the majority here and say the cigar art is pretty damn cool. I think SR should make an addition to the site for cigar wallpaper. I mean what computer is complete without a pic like the decade for the user to awe over all day long. Keep up the great work Walt.

  12. hahaha, well, I remember a friend telling me that women have mastered the art of how to insult someone while pretending to compliment them. For example, Shirly, don’t take this wrong as I’m only trying to help, but the reason everyone thinks you are fat is you have a horrible sense of fashion so lucky you I’m your friend and can give you some advice.

    But at least we, the posting audience, don’t comment anymore on your hair style Walt 🙂 …. memories from the far past and the comment love. Wasn’t me posting about the hair btw, just laughing about remembering someone commenting to you about it.

    Great pictures and keep up the good work.


  13. Walt – Those are some cool pics. But why do you get the hate comments that I can only dream about? It’s not fair 🙂

    Dave Hannifan – I remember that post insulting Walt’s haircut. I thought to myself.. “Why not ME?!?” I mean c’mon, I should be getting that insult, not Walt.

  14. Brian, I liked your humor. People are a little too sensitive these days, and miss the sarcasim. What can you do? Times like these call for laughs!

    Walt…like the Oliva shot. Nice work.


    (That was a joke for all you sensitive types 🙂 )

  15. Tom, I don’t want to make you feel left out because I really like your reviews, so here goes: Your hair looks girly and you can’t taste cinnamon in a cigar! 🙂

    I only say that cuz I used to have long girly hair!

    Anyhoo, nice pics Walt. Keep the posts coming.

  16. Hi, this is the first time i have felt compelled to leave a comment after enjoying this marvellous website from here in the UK for nearly two years…To the guy who did not think Walt should put his photos on stogie review…TAKE A DAY OFF YOU MUPPET. Love this site,,,love the reviews…Thank you Walt, Jerry and Brian. Long fucking ashes brothers and sisters.

  17. C’mon Al, I think I share the same sarcastic sense of humor that you do and am probably worse than most, but I can read that comment all day and not find anything sarcastic or humorous about it. Just sayin bro. Maybe the cold temps are affecting your judgement?? lol.

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