El Cobre (Short Ashes)

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El Cobre (Short Ashes)

Up for your viewing pleasure I have a Short Ashes review of the El Cobre by Oliva. This is a cigar that I’ve been enjoying off and on for a little while now and made my Top 5 Cigars of 2007 list. Check out the video to see if anything has changed since then.

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El Cobre by Oliva

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4 thoughts on “El Cobre (Short Ashes)

  1. I bought a bundle of the churchills a few months ago and I’ve really been enjoying them. They are nice and strong but smooth and flavorful. Very nice smoke.

  2. Hey Walt – Thanks for the review. I started smoking these back after I saw your first review of it. El Cobre rocks! I’ve introduced it to my cigar smoking buddies and they all look at it as a kind of king of smokes.

    Keep up the good work. I really appriciate your video podcasts. I have a blog with video podcasts. I’ve taken a lot of what you guys do technology wise, and use it on my site, even though it is a hypnosis website, your videos have been a source of great inspiration, especially the one’s that have more people in the like YQMA.

    Hmmmm, when is the next YQMA coming out?

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