Interview with Hal Rubin

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Interview with Hal Rubin

As I mentioned in yesterdays El Cobre Short Ashes Review, I had plans to speak with Hal Rubin of Empire Cigars in regards to his house blend. The interview ran about 15 minutes overall and has some interesting information within it. I had some second thoughts about incorporating the entire interview into my upcoming review as it would make the review roughly 45 mins long. Rather than incorporate all of it, I’m going to take some key points and pull them in.

So before you see bits and pieces of the interview in my review, I wanted to give you the opportunity to see it all beforehand. On the day of the interview I had a quick trip to Radio Shack to make. As it turns out I picked up the wrong cable which rendered my Mini Mixer useless. As a result I simply imported Hal through my laptop and recorded the whole thing on my camcorder (my apologies for the poor quality). Both Audio and video are available below, you wont be missing much if you go with the audio this time around.

MP3 Version: Right Click > Save As

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4 thoughts on “Interview with Hal Rubin

  1. tcr,
    The few that Ive had have been enjoyable. I was planning on having the review done by now but I’ve been congested.

    I think these have more of a punch than the El Cobre. There are some burn problems with them due to the high amounts of Ligero. They are on the spendy side ($140.00 per box of 20).

    Keep an eye out for the review. As soon as I kick this sinus congestion I’ll get the review taken care of right away.


  2. The interview was nice. If you can land more interviews with people in the cigar biz that would be a great addition to the site. Maybe have the audio playing while showing some pics of the cigars or the person that is being interviewed, then show a few bikini babes just to wrap it up 🙂 j/k about the babes….or was I???

    Great job Walt!

  3. Enjoyed the interview! Hal is a top-notch guy and runs my favorite cigar shop – bar none! The Cheroot is one tasty little firecracker and I am glad I am only a half-hour away from Empire cigars… just to get my fix! LOL

    Nice interview… glad to see you have solved some of the technical problems with your more recent efforts. Keep up the good work.

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