5 Vegas Miami (Knuckle)

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5 Vegas Miami (Knuckle)

5 Vegas Miami Knuckle

Wow look at me! Two days in a row for two weeks straight! That has to be some kind of record?

So I have to give fair warning because its not often that Angry/Irritated version of The Great Torpedo makes an appearance, in fact its probably been since the Equus days where I said if anyone tries to give you an Equus you should punch them in the face but the 5 Vegas Miami (at least the Knuckle size) brought the worst/best out of me.

Opening song came via request via Twitter, I think it was BradinBuffalo so… Video runs a little over 13 minutes and if you should happen to get some of these in the mail from me, it ain’t because I don’t have love for ya its just they irritate they hell out me. Its like they are sitting in my humidor sticking their damn tongues out at me calling me a “sucker” and sharing the same beautiful air as my Cubans.


71 thoughts on “5 Vegas Miami (Knuckle)

  1. sorry about so many posts, but i forgot to comment about the cigar.

    I totally understand where you’re coming from. I love spice, like i love spicy food. the thing about it is, the spice or heat has to have a purpose and has to enhance the flavor. i hate eating things that are spicy just because, a bland heat no point or purpose. some cigars are like that too, they just add that blast if spice just because regardless of whether it compliments the flavor profile or not.

  2. First off…great selection of music!!! Secondly, for a minute there, I thought I was watching a Filipino version of Christian Bale. I really didn’t care for this cigar either. It comes in other sizes that I’ve tried which are a tad better. With so many Pepin cigars out there, I’d take those over the 5 Vegas any day.

    Keep the reviews coming bro!!

  3. I fucking love the old banded version of the 5vegas miami, think I have a couple of those fuckers left in the corona size.. Fuck… thats amazing that they screwed the fucking pooch with that size.
    The old one is spicy, but to me it was a mellower fucking version of the pepin blue fuckin’ label.

    thank fucking god, I saw this review before investing (poorly) into these fucking sticks.

    Fucking great Jerry!

  4. hahah, well, I have to think your onto something there Jerry. Anytime a Pepin cigar plummets in price to a 2 dollar smoke, the masses have cast thier vote. I’m glad I passed up on the knuckle. Personally, sounds like they rushed something to compete with the Nub and that cigar is loaded with ammonia. Maybe a year to mellow it out might make it a decent smoke. But not one I’m rushing out to age for a year on a hope when I know I can get good cigars now 🙂


  5. I don’t think I’ve read a good review on the Knuckle yet which is odd because I really enjoy the other sizes. Looks like they also changed the band so I’m wondering if they were re-blended or just screwed the pooch on the Knuckle?

  6. Wow on one end of the scale, and f-bombs on the other!

    Good review of an obviously bad cigar Jerry, I don’t see how you could have done any better with what you had to work with!

    16 f-bombs, by the way…

  7. Wow, I’ve been wanting to try these cigars for awhile now but never bid high enough on the devil site. After watching this review, I’m not too sure anymore. We’ll see I suppose.

  8. Nice review, but please refrain from using so many f-bombs. I personally find it offensive and would rather just hear about the cigar in a professional manner, than listen to you swear repeatedly and unnecessarily…you fuck 😉

  9. I honestly thought you were going to put that cigar down in your neighbor’s yard. You know, the one whose dog crapped in your yard…

    Great review Jerry… this is the reason we all keep coming back for more!

  10. LOL!
    I am pretty sure that the ‘Knuckle’ is a different blend than the other vitolas. I am going through the box of petit coronas right now and they make for a very nice morning smoke, not harsh or overpowering at all.

  11. I reviewed the Torpedo vitola today. I certainly didn’t find the smoldering pepper taste that you’ve described, but I did think it was heavy-handed and predictable. In my opinion, when it comes to 5 Vegas, we’re probably all better off sticking with Series A.

  12. Patrick – Apparently the word I’m getting in the comments and in other messages is that the Knuckle is actually a different blend than the other sizes.

  13. Interesting. Either way, there are elements from my review that match up with your video. The final third of the Torpedo, for example, was harsh and overbearing, and the all-around taste seemed overly spicy and flat.

  14. I’m smoking a year old robusto as we speak and its as smooth as you could want. There are very few cigars that a good rest DON’T help. However, I’m certain that the knuckle is more harsh that the other sizes. But I recall these robusto’s not being bad when I first got them. Great review, regardless! Keep it up and go smoke something great!

  15. Interesting comments in the review about cigar ageing. I’ve seen alot of improvement in inexpensive bundle cigars after a few months to a year or so. I kind of thought bad cigars were like bad haircuts.

  16. even if these will benefit from aging why waste the time when there are so many sticks out there in this price range that are ready to go right out of the box. fantastic review as always by the great torpedo.

  17. WOW someone needs to go to confession on Saturday now (LOL). I am surprised you didn’t like these little bundle of joys because I have heard some good things about them from others. I now have to search some out to review to see if our pallets are still similar. Anyways, love the two days in row thing and I hope in continues. Another great job, which kept me laughing for most of the morning.

    I wouldn’t show your wife this video or you will be getting a nice dose of soap in your mouth (LOL). See you on Twitter Knuckles!

  18. Jerry!!! If you removed all the F-Bombs the review would be good, lots of information about the cigar. With all the F-Bombs the review is amazing!

    I like this Dr. Jekyll (Monday) and Mr. Hyde (Tuesday) thing you got going on.

    As some who has criticized you in the past, do not change anything. This “zone” you’re in is cigar paradise!

  19. Great review as always Jerry!

    Feel free to send me one or two. I’ve had the smaller size and actually kind of liked them, though I’m not really a fan of any 5Vegas cigar.

    As for aging, it, along with resting, can help some mediocer cigars as well. The El Mejor Espresso is pretty much unsmokable from CI, but give it six months and it’s actually a pleasant cigar. The Obsidian is also one that really benefits from rest and time. But as a previous poster pointed out, why bother aging these when there are so many other good sticks out there.

  20. I like the 5 Vegas Miami. The Knuckle isn’t my favorite size only because of the ring gauge, but I really enjoy the flavors and dont find them to be peppery at all. Hmm go figure. Great review though Jerry, it was very entertaining.

  21. Jerry, Thanks for your harsh and honest review. I know you don’t like the more powerful cigars as a rule. So I watch your reviews because I love your humor and honesty. BUT, I like this cigar and go to it when I want something with some PUNCH! But, I love powerful cigars. So, I’ll say that is why they make so many different types of cigars with so many different flavor profiles, “Different smokes for different smokes.”

    Keep those reviews coming. You are my kind of entertainment.

    The Hypnotist

  22. Great Review, I have had the torpedo and toro size and though there was pepper, It wasn’t nearly like you described.

  23. jerry – this was the most straight up, and yet funny review, i have ever seen. i am sorry, but i really enjoyed the pain etched into your face as you dropped f-bombs looking for the right way to express your pissed-offedness at having to smoke this dog rocket.

    great, honest review nonetheless

  24. i smoked one of these last night, and i have no idea what you’re talking about… maybe you should try another one, or just quit smoking…

  25. Quit smoking? If you pay attention during the video, guess how many Jerry smoked? Its the same as your IQ, which is 3.

    Maybe you should look around at other reviews of 5 Vegas Miami as they are pretty much the same as Jerry’s minus all the entertaining F-bombs. Maybe its you who should quit smoking.

  26. I guess it goes to show that we all have different taste and cigars are by no means an exact science – there are so many factors that can change and influence a cigar before it gets into your hand. I smoked one of these this week for the first time and I thought it was great. Lots of spice in the beginning, but it mellows. I thought the Oliva O was more harsh.

  27. Nice review Jerry,I have to agree with you on this cigar,I didn’t care too much for it either and I dumped it early too.

  28. I have had several versions of the 5 Vegas Miami and Liked them I first tried the Nicaraguan Toro I liked the flavor but fount it to have a tight draw. I believe it has the same amount of filer for a 6×50 although it is a 6×48. Now i liked the flavor so i tried a second vitola the Robusto and Liked it a lot to me they are a mild version of a Pepin for a full bodied smoker they were in my opinion medium-full. Then I got some of the Shaggy foot Toros (these KICK ASS) They are the only 5 Vegas Miami actually made in Miami so that could have been the reason why especially as these still have a price of $7 each on the devil site I have no clue what it would be somewhere else. Then The Knuckle came out and I thought hey maybe this would be good but OMG it was TERRIBLE. I am so glad i only got 12 of them as they all burned terribly and tasted BAD. I don’t know what is up whit this particular vitola but it SUCKS I bet i could make something that tastes better by going to public ash trays and making a cigar out of the cigarette tobacco from peoples smoked butts BLAH. I don’t know if the blend is different or the size messed it up but its terrible. Although I would buy more Miami Robustos without hesitating if i felt like it and I would even smoke a Shaggy foot Toro for a special occasion but they are IMO the only good smokes in the line. Now a Pepin JJ Belicoso is something all together different (and off topic) as its the best Pepin blended smoke i have ever had Pepin is even quoted saying its his Masterpiece. They are the only smokes i buy in that price range as nothing else is better (in that price range). In conclusion I wish i saw this review before i got my “turd” Knuckles, I think they are terrible and are only good for a novelty give away to someone you don’t like much or a stranger LOL. My 2 Cents on the subject.

  29. hah, im surprised the lyrics nazi dude missed this one, what was his name again?

    anyway, check this sheat out…

    -told me to come over and i took that trip
    -then she pulled out my mushroom tip
    -when it came out it went drip drip drip
    -i didnt know she has the gijoe kungfoo grip


  30. can i say…Funniest review ever LOL !!!!
    i watched the day you posted it, and then watched it again cracked me up…

    i personally love the Kunckle tho 🙂 and i watched this review last time i smoked one hahah

  31. LMAO ..they call it the knuckle because its like taken a knuckle sandwich to the throat. Take that brick of 25 fuckn knuckles and smoke some meat with them… Might give some ribs a nice peppery taste. HELL might have a secret smoke to sell to a bbq place. Let me know how the ribs turn out. Lol

    Where is this devil site?

  32. Dude, you said fucking about 13 times in one sentence when talking about the spice in your throat. HILARIOUS!

  33. Love to see someone else review this and read about their experience. Personally, I found this to be very similar to the Don Pepin Cuban Classic – one of my favorites.

  34. I read all of the reviews and it seems to be a general conclusion that this particular cigar suffers from a bad case of ammonia. Now that’s something that can be corrected with age. The question is, are there other cigars that you won’t have to age to get the ammonia out and you can smoke now? I’d say yes. But if this was a value cigar, it might be worth aging. I like the corona and toro sizes of the Miami but in general don’t like any cigar that is over 55 ring gauge.

  35. This guy is an idiot… this is the second video I have watched him do, and I couldn’t disagree more on his opinions.

    Maybe he should stick to the “mild/medium” cigars?

    Obviously he can’t handle any ‘big’ cigars.

  36. Dear Lloyd – Scroll a few comments up and read a few other reviews by other people of the Knuckle. Guess the world is full of idiots.

    Maybe you should watch more than two of my reviews. I do have close to what? 250 of them here?

    You can disagree with my review but don’t be a jackass and start with the name calling.

  37. Lots of interesting comments on this stick. I was thinking of buying some but I think I will take a pass. I like a full cigar but not a harsh cigar. Maybe that’s subjective but not to me. Too much pepper and and I am out. I myself like a rich tobacco flavor that to me is a full flavored stick but not harsh as it seems the Knuckle is.
    Thanks for the review.

  38. Don – do you have any more of these in your humie? If so, let me know, Ill be glad to buy or trade them off your hands, cause these are my favorite smoke (you was dissin, BTW) These rock and they didnt burn my throat, dude, must be you. Funny, cause I have a bad reaction to Criollos but that doesnt make it a bad smoke. Email me, Id love to help you get rid of them. Hey, it was a great review, just one dudes opinion. Wesley wesfrench@hotmail.com

  39. I like the review! I somtimes do the opposite of what you say b/c my tastes are somewhat different than yours! Like this time for instance. I have smoked Pepin sticks before and have been waiting for that BLAST OF PEPPER and haven’t got it. I’ll now try these and hopefully not be dissapointed. I like getting punched in the throat every now and again. However bro, keep up the reviews, but exand the vocabulary when describing just what characteristics you don’t like about a stick. F-bombs and “It’s irritaitating” can only describe so much!!

  40. I smoked one of these today, and I couldn’t agree more. It actually made my throat a little sore, never had that happen before. I normally love DPG too, so it’s not the spice that was unwelcome. Anyways, thanks for the review, enjoyed your style.

  41. I’ve watched 3 of your reviews. I only look you up when the many other sites font have a review of a cigar. I really need to stop looking you up because All I get is negative opinionated information. I didn’t bother to look up your credentials but I’ll assume you have only been smoking for a short time. Like an ex cigarette smoker our something. oh, it was too late, you made an ass out of yourself after the 1st f-bomb. Its unprofessional. Unpolished. You can’t even take 10 seconds to remember what size you are smoking. Sloppy. Nice condo…loser. I think I’ll try this cigar BECAUSE you hated it do much.

  42. I’ve watched 3 of your reviews. I only look you up when the many other sites font have a review of a cigar. I really need to stop looking you up because All I get is negative opinionated information. I didn’t bother to look up your credentials but I’ll assume you have only been smoking for a short time. Like an ex cigarette Ooosmoker our something. oh, it was too late, you made an ass out of yourself after the 1st f-bomb. Its unprofessional. Unpolished. You can’t even take 10 seconds to remember what size you are smoking. Sloppy.

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