Por Larrañaga

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Por Larrañaga


Back on the Cuban bandwagon with what I call a “tier 2” Cuban cigar. The Por Larrañaga is an economical smoke with these Panatellas costing around $2 a stick (less than $50 for a box of 25). Along with the Jose L. Piedra the Por Larrañga doesn’t have the consistent, beautiful, blemish free wrappers like their tier 1 brothers (Cohiba, Montecristo, Vegas Robaina).

Construction is inconsistent but the flavor profile is steady but not challenging. Its your basic Cuban cigar profile. Lots of familiar Cuban aroma and smooth on flavors. Unless you have Diddy like income, chances are you’re not smoking the Tier 1 Cubans every day, all day and this is where the Por Larrañga comes in. Its a versatile Cuban for those “in between” moments in life (driving to work, drinks before dinner).

Video runs a little over 11 minutes and HUGE props to @dk_fxn for the “seal of approval” at the end of the video. Need to find a better way to incorporate it into future reviews but its pure awesomeness is bad ass.


24 thoughts on “Por Larrañaga

  1. great review Jerry!!!

    Lol, yea it sucks to have to kill a cigar early. Had to once to kill a Gurkha Vulcan 1/2 way through. That nearly killed me…

  2. Thanks for including these in my cigar package. I haven’t tried them as I went straight for the Vegas Robaina but these sound just as enjoyable.

    Like others have said on Twitter, your videos have always been a joy to watch but lately, I don’t know what it is, you’re in some kind of zone that folks just can’t wait for your next video. Made props bro!

  3. you already know how i feel about these. I absolutely i love them! i think for anyone starting out in the Cuban world, its a great introduction. Especially the Petit Coronas (which i like more). I have smoked aged PL’s and recent production PL’s and they are all great. I even gifted Jerry some 2002 and 1999 PL’s that he loved. In other words, this cigar is a WINNER!

    great job jerry!

  4. You touched on something very interesting to me. There is a widespread myth out there that a Cuban cigar is a very expensive thing. I once talked to another customer in my local B&M who bragged to be about a time he smoked a $50 Cuban.

    When/If the embargo is lifted, the demand will rise, as will the price when the supply gets lower. I’ve heard many people say things like “Nobody’s going to like it when the price doubles.” But the fact is I’m convinced that the high price myth will still exist and many consumers will not notice the higher prices because they don’t have a realistic pricepoint in mind.

    This should scare anyone currently purchasing Habanos…I have a feeling that if the American market is willing to pay much more than what is already being charged, the prices may not go down for quite a while.

  5. Good video and I have to admit, I was surprised at the affordableness of that cigar. I expect that price for a short filler cigar and it’s good that even Cuba will make sure they can achieve that price target 🙂


  6. Great review Jerry, I was wondering about the sirens in the background but it looks like you didn’t get caught! I’m putting these on my ‘must order’ list. Do more of the 2nd tier, I love the price!

  7. Great stuff Jerry! I think these budget type reviews are gonna lure people to the darkside and avoid SCHIP. The poor children will curse you LOL.

  8. Jerry, I’m disappointed. While the panatelas are definitely not the top in quality and consistency of what PL makes, their petite coronas and their regional release robustos are definitely tier 1 cigars IMO. They may not be the same price as a Cohiba or Montecristo, but the pc’s are definitely their equal in flavor, quality, and consistency. PLs are considered a local brand, so they don’t have the catalog of vitolas, but you can’t beat a cab of PLPCs. Of course, I am a bit biased, as I’d put PLPCs in my top 5. The panatelas definitely need to rest awhile, though. Just kidding on the disappointment, though, I’ve been enjoying your vids lately.

  9. I cant get enough of jerrys reviews. been great as of late. I made my first two box purchases based on this review and your Jose La Piedra review. Many a thanks

  10. The Great Torpedo speaks again… Damn you Jerry you are burning a hole in my wallet with all these great smokes you keep turning us onto! Thanks for the review!

  11. The PLPC’s are long-filler.

    There are more than two tiers, IMHO:
    Tier 1: Cohiba, Trinidad
    Tier 2: Most long-fillers for export. There is a distinction within this tier, e.g., Montecristo vs. Diplomatico, but the difference in price is now negligible. The PLPC fits here.
    Tier 3: The formerly hand-finished long/medium-fillers(Cuban sandwich), typically around $3-$4/each, e.g., Partagas or RyJ Mille Fleurs, and the better short-fillers, e.g., PL Montecarlo.
    Tier 4: Formerly machine-made short-fillers, with Vuelta Abajo tobacco, e.g., the PL and Rafael Gonzalez panatela’s, and Quintero’s.
    Tier 5: non-Vuelta Abajo short-fillers like JLP and ugh, Guantanamera’s.

    As Cubans are legal here, I smoke and enjoy them all! (except the Guantanamera 🙂 The PL Panatela is a favourite of mine – smokes great even after only a year of aging! Thanks for the review – nice to see these kinds of smokes getting exposure!

  12. Hey Jerry,
    Nice job on the review. Just ordered a box cuz it sounds perfect for us Northeasters. Also happens to be my first box purchase.

    Long frackin ashes.


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