A Night Online

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A Night Online

With Brian short on time he asked me to step in this Wednesday. I originally was going to do a video review or possibly a video replying to comments but a funny thing happened on my way to do such a video. I got drunk.

It started out innocently enough. My good friend @MikeInWV had been planning on doing a joint beer review. We ran into some technical issues and ended up on StickAm. When I went online StickAm peeps started showing up and well so much for that beer review. Looking back things are a little fuzzy but here are some highlights…that I can remember.

@shrtct currently has Asian fever…@MikeInWV was in his High School marching band and can tell his dog to lay on command (LOL)…@dcamacho buys himself stuffed animals…@boofa75 does something in his man cave to get his webcam all steamy (I’m not judging)…@barbalet still hasn’t gotten his stove fixed (got that home warranty huh?)…@tomscigars has some strange pictures on his walls (again I’m not judging)…@dk_fxn has some stylish eye wear but had no audio…@gpk3 can’t even work on a Mac (silly Pens fan)...@doc8466’s wife thinks he needs real life friends (LOL)…@OlivaSerieV @waltw @bradinbuffalo left way too early before the real fun started.

As for me, I learned three things:

1) Don’t bust your ass tripping up the stairs LIVE on camera. The crowd isn’t very forgiving.
2) Never tell anyone that your wife says you look like a giant penis after shaving your head and goatee. Jokes will ensue.
3) Assume your significant other will take pictures of your drunken ass while you’re singing and using an empty beer bottle as a mic.


The beer review might have been hampered by technical and logistical issues but I think we found a Tuesday night tradition of a bunch of lonely dudes making fun of other people so we can feel better about ourselves. Long ashes!


16 thoughts on “A Night Online

  1. LMAO!!!! Yeah, that last Skull Splitter did me in. What time was it when IE crashed on me for the last time?

    So do you have transcript of the chat or did you remember all those enlightening facts?

    I guess I’ve got to go find that web cam now…Friday night DWCR and Tuesday night ….what is it going to be called??? Sounds like the making of a contest to me!

  2. Mmmmm….I believe that is a Dogfish Head Chicory Stout you are holding. Interestingly enough I was going to review that beer + a cigar within a week or two.


  3. Damn. Sorry I missed the fun. Tuesday night is usually and online night for me. Damn it all. If this becomes a weekly or monthly thing, count me in. Although these things are better impromptu, not planned.

    Later on.

  4. Gee thanks Jerry. Must remember to not show you any pictures again!

    That was so much fun, I cannot believe that I ripped on you as much as I did, but it was all in good fun.

    Now to find that bald cap, oh yeah buddy, its on!

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