JFR (Guest Review)

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JFR (Guest Review)

This week we have a guest review that is a little different. Long time readers tcr and sdlsatcom got together and produced an audio review for your listening pleasure. The cigar in the spotlight is the JFR Robusto (Just for Retailers).

Download: Right Click > Save As

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4 thoughts on “JFR (Guest Review)

  1. Great review, I love the format. And I love JFR. I’d love to see more reviews like this especially of recession priced sticks.

  2. Thanks for the kind words. We thought that audio-based reviews allow people to continue casually browsing around the Internets without feeling like they are missing something on the screen.

    I really enjoy the JFR. I am a sucker for Nicaraguan puros. I agree with you: we should spend some time seeking out the sticks that are budget conscious – there are some great ones out there. We have ideas on some to share.

    We enjoyed putting the review together. With stogiereview’s blessing, we will be providing some more reviews for their consideration in the near future. We want to get everyone’s feedback.

  3. I thought the jfr was “just ok”-they were very well-rolled, nice lookng, but ….flat….and …boring? !!

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