Ambos Mundos (Sumatra)

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Ambos Mundos (Sumatra)

Ambos Mundos

Word! Shout out to Jason Alcantara who gave me the heads up that the Ambos Mundos was available at a local B&M. Now if you remember back towards Halloween and my 26 Minutes with Pete Johnson interview you will remember that Pete talked a little bit about an economical smoke due out early in 2009. After a little delay with packaging the Ambos Mundos (Both Worlds) is out in the wild both in its Nicaraguan Habano wrapper and the Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, both in the $5 range.

Video runs a little over 9 minutes and I have to say that despite its rough edges, inconsistent looking wrappers and a few green spots in the flavor profile, the Ambos Mundos (Sumatra) is a decent smoke for its economical price tag. Its a quality cigar that you can sit back, veg out with others and not feel left wondering if you missed something.

Since Jason shared info with me I’ll share with you. I have three (3) Ambos Mundos (Sumatra) AND three (3) Ambos Mundos (Habano) that could possibly have your name on it. All you have to do is leave some comment love by Friday and thank Jason for giving me the 411 plus tell me your favorite Pete Johnson cigar. For example, “Jason you rock and my favorite Pete Johnson cigar is the El Triunfador.” Its that easy. I’ll choose the lucky winner at random over the weekend.


67 thoughts on “Ambos Mundos (Sumatra)

  1. rock on Jerry…
    I’m so anxious to trie those…
    I’m curious to see how they stack up to the “P” as well, I love that stick, particularly for the cost.

    by the way

    Jason you ROCK!
    And its no surprise to anyone that my favorite Pete Johnson stick is the FRANK!

  2. Great review Jerry (except the technical difficulties with moving the camera) LOL, especially in the snow! Another Pete Johnson smoke I’ll have to try.
    What happened to the green Caps hat??
    Jason you the man and my favorite Pete Johnson cigar is the Tatuaje.

  3. I saw these in Jack Schwartz today, and opted to go for the Litto Diez, as they were out of the Salamones.

    Nice review, and Jason, you’re the man! My fav is between the El Triunfador and the Verocu No. 1 (west). But there a few others that rank highly with me.

    Go Skins!

  4. Jason awesome review… 1 Ass… 2 Shits and 7 Fucks = one nice review. Tell those lazy SR partners of yours to belly up and carry some of the load. Smoking in the freezing cold for your loyal followers you are definitely the Man! Tell your evil twin Jerry to review some more ISOM’s near the Whitehouse now that we have a new administration!

  5. Jason, nice work.

    My favorite Pete Johnson cigar is one of the three I’ve yet to try: El Triunfador, Tatuaje Black, or the Frank. Wait – the Drac, too!

  6. Great review, I too didn’t know these were out yet. My favorites are the whole Tatuaje red and brown line.

  7. I really enjoyed this review, camera alignment and all. It just adds to the entertainment. The next time I’m smoking outside and the temperature is about 60 and I’m complaining that it’s cold, I’ll just remember you smoking in the cold and snow.

  8. Jerry,

    First time I’ve watched one of your video reviews and it was sweet. Bout time there was a reviewer who smoked like a regular guy and didnt necessarily taste hints of leather and orange…..

    Jason, you rock and my favorite Pete Johnson is the La Riqeuza line.

  9. Great review as always. I almost always get a sweet&spicy flavor from a Sumatran wrapper. But what is the price point?

  10. Glad you decided to make a habit out of this two day a week thing Jerry. The reviews are awesome. Jason thanks so much for passing this info on to Jerry and in turn to the fans of the SR. By far my fav. Pete Johnson cigar is the Tat Black although I have yet to get my hands on an El Triunfador.

  11. Great review Jerry as always.

    As for the contest:

    Jason you are a rockstar! And my fav Pete Johnson cigar is the Tatuaje Brown Label Unicos!


  12. Jason is a nice dude. Jerry, keep up the good work. I have to start smoking more of Pete’s stuff. Only one I had is Series P.

  13. Jason, are you out of your freak’in mind giving those smokes to Jerry? Do you know he has cleaned up in the cigar department with his shitty Caps beating our teams this year. I think the guy is up like thirty cigars though bets. Anyways, my favorite Pete Johnson cigar is the El Triunfador

    PS: (J/K Guys) Jerry and Jason, love the review and will looking for these to review. Hey Jerry Bruins will be facing the Caps in the playoffs so get ready to bet again (LOL).

  14. Jason, great work on spreading the word on these. What better way to interact with your cigar reviewing haven than to point then towards cool new releases?

    My fav is the La Riqueza, although the Tatuaje Noellas sure are tasty.

  15. Nice job Jason,another good video Jerry and my favorite Pete Johnson cigar is the Tatuaje Cojuno.

  16. Nice review as always Jerry.

    Sorry, never heard of Jason and never had one of Pete’s cigars.

    Stay warm!


  17. Nice Jerry. Smokin’ in the snow. Sounds like something I need to try. I was a little skeptical when I first heard of a $5 “budget” cigar. I’ll probably buy some anyway.

  18. Nice review Jerry. I’m a little disappointed with the verdict on these though. I know you gave it the seal of approval and all but I was kind of hoping it was going to be one of those “economical” smokes that blows one’s socks off, and not one of those “it is what it is” smokes. I really don’t like to pay more than $3 for a cigar that fits into that category. Fuck I can’t believe I just said “it is what it is”. I hate when people say that! Still I guess I am going to have to try one.

    I don’t know you Jason but if Jerry says you rock then I believe you must. lol. My favorite PJ cigar is hands down the Tat brown label.


  19. I’m a big fan of Pete’s smokes and had high hopes for this cigar. Perhaps a little storage will do these some good. Still looking forward to finding these. Thanks to Jason and Jerry for getting the first word out on these!

  20. Awesome review as uusual Jason! My favorite pet johnson cigar would be the La Riqueza #4 or a tatuaje (cant remember the one i smoked, but it was good) I have not had the privilege to try any others yet, since i am a noob to the cigar world 😉

  21. DOH – screwed the names up – argh, was thinking to include Jason in the post, and said Jason instead of Jerry :p

    smack the noob

    JASON – great heads up!


  22. Jason is the bomb. My favorite Pete Johnson product is the Tatuaje cazadore. So much goodness in a small package.

  23. I smoked both wrappers, and I think that they are your average $5 cigars. if you are looking for a budget Pete Johnson cigar, the Series P is better.

  24. jerry as usual i love all your a newbie to this hobby you have given me alot of great and valuable info. i would love to to give you thebest pete johnson but i have yet to partake on this smoke yet. im still trying .

  25. Jerry –
    Another great review but where is the stamp?? LOL Looking forward to trying these out.
    Props to Jason for hooking Jerry up! My PJ smoke has to be the Verocu No. 1 West with La Riqueza right behind.

  26. Great job Jason. Great review. My favorite is the Cojonu 2003.

    Jerry, I just got mine in the mail. Would you recomend I let these set for a while or go right to smoking them?

  27. Jason you rock and my favorite Pete Johnson cigar is the El Triunfador… but the upcoming Cojonu 2009 is going to be my favorite cigar once I get my hands on a box!

  28. Nice review Jerry! Just picked up one of each wrapper on Friday and can’t wait to try them. Jason thanks for hooking up Jerry and my fav tatuaje is the Miami Regios because I just (not sure why) love that size; 5.5×50.

  29. Sweet review as always Jerry,,,Jason good work keeping the brothers of the flame lit, i gotta go with the cojonu 2003, great stick anytime of the day,,,

  30. Great review, very entertaining!

    I’m looking forward to trying these out. I’ve only had a few Tats so far so as of now I’m a fan of the P-Series. I’ve got a couple Blacks on the way in a trade though. WOOT!

  31. Another informative review with some LOL moments. Looking forward to more.

    Rock on Jason! Fav is La Riqueza.

  32. Jason you’re the cats pajamas! As for me i think Pete Johnson’s cigars taste like kitty litter! Just kidding, I love the the Cabaiguan.

  33. Once again Pete has struck gold and his miner was none other than cigar master Jose Pepin Garcia.

    All I can say is

  34. As I type, I’m sitting here slowly roasting one of the Ambos Mundos (Sumatra). Here’s my take away on on it.

    True to form, Pete delivers (thanks Pepin).

    Pete’s cigars have a way of just “sticking” in my mind. When I pick one up, I always have somewhat of an inherited assurance that they are just going to be a good.

    May sound crazy and like an excellent opportunity to just pass off crap to an established clientele but as far as I’m concerned, based on smoking about everything he puts out — that’s just what you always get, a darn good cigar.

    This cigar could use a little aging but in it’s present state, it showcases depth, richness and smoothness “as is”.

    Touching the wrapper to the tongue tingles with a little friendly bite. The smoke is smooth and aroma is great.

    Once again, Pete hits a home run!

    My question is “Where’s the best place to get them (best price)?”

    My local dealer is mighty proud of them at nearly $6 a stick.


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