Camacho Cajones (Liga 3-1)

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Camacho Cajones (Liga 3-1)


Shakespeare (yes I’m quoting Shakespeare so remember this post, it maybe a trivia question someday) wrote in Romeo and Juliet:

What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet

And that brings me to the Camacho Cajones, or Liga 3-1 or Escaparate…the name doesn’t matter as much as the pure awesomeness of this smoke. The Cajones came to me via @ChiefHava and it was one of those great cigar experiences that perfectly balanced raw power, flavor and smoothness. Its not for the weak willed or smoked on an empty stomach. It doesn’t hide in the shadows and sneak up on you. Its in your face and will simply leave you saying “wow”.

Video runs around 13:30 minutes and I do a little explaining on me and full bodied cigars. After watching checkout the links below:

Stogie Fresh 5, Episode 140 -> Features the Camacho Cojones
Chief Hava Blog -> The Back Story


20 thoughts on “Camacho Cajones (Liga 3-1)

  1. another WOW cigar for Jerry. you’re on quite a string of sweet smokes lately. well since the knuckle anyway LOL

  2. Awesome video quality and awesome review Jerry!

    I’m a bit disappointed that you didn’t score a five pack to give away. LOL…joking.

    Entertaining and informational as always. Thanks again for iPhone version!

  3. JERRY! Great stuff! You’ve been in one heck of a zone lately.

    Really wish there was an easy way to get a hold of these to try. Maybe you can make another trade with Chief and give a 5 pack away like Peter mentioned?

    Thanks again for a great review!

  4. Jerry, as usual great review. Ninjas and nut kickers, love it man. But beer in the morning? Truly hardcore man.

  5. Jerry,

    Astute and cogent review as always. You certainly get into the minutia of the experience.

    Say, why all the outside reviews? Did the wife give you the heave-ho on smoking indoors or around the little one?

    I myself never smoke in the house. That is by my choice.


  6. what kind of team is that green hat you have on? hockey? soccer? wtf? anyway great review as always- time for another cuban!

  7. Oh man I want one of those. I think I’ve smoked just about everything Camacho, including the Face Offs. I’d kill for one of these. Seriously. Who do you want me to kill Jerry?

    Great review as always. 🙂

  8. Excellent review Jerry. Your reviews seem to be getting better and better , and more descriptive since you’ve been doing so many lately. You’re really hitting your groove bro, keep it up. Man I gotta find me some of these.


  9. Damn you Torpedo… Now I am going to have to drive to Galveston and get me some of those!

    Great review thanks man!

  10. Brad – They come in two sizes: a 5 x 58 and 6 x 60 and in bundles of 25 cigars at a price of $125/$150 a bundle. You will need to get a hold of Skip aka @ChiefHava for ordering info.

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