Jericho by Camacho (Short Ashes)

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Jericho by Camacho (Short Ashes)

With a little of my time being preoccupied this week, I was forced to swap my review this week. Just like last week, I’ve got a short ashes video for you today with a full review coming tomorrow. The review today features the Jericho by Camacho.

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6 thoughts on “Jericho by Camacho (Short Ashes)

  1. Walt, I appreciate the plug as well, great review as usual. You guys seem to put a lot more effort into your reviews than I do and this site has become a truly great resource. Keep up the great work, J.C.

  2. Great review as usual Walt.

    Funny, the last one of these I had I really enjoyed, no harness or metallic tastes at all.

    I believe CI blew out there stock of them a few months ago and aren’t available anymore.

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