5 Vegas Series “A” (Guest Review)

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5 Vegas Series “A” (Guest Review)

Cigar: 5 Vegas Series ‘A’ Archetype
Origin: Honduras
Wrapper: Costa Rican Maduro
Filler: Three Country Long Filler Blend
Size: Toro 6.0? x 50 ring
Drink: Margaritas on the rocks (I know, I am as surprised as you – nice weather, so the wife wanted me to make some, so I did)

5 Vegas Series A - 1

*Yes, I really wanted to just get a pic of my new ashtray!


5 Vegas Series A - 2

I had my mind made up (so I thought) to smoke a Man O War last night since I have never had one and heard a lot about them. When I was looking through my glass top humidor I noticed this gem right next to the Man O War (I have not tried this cigar yet either). I am admittedly a maduro fan, but this was still a very good looking cigar. I soon forgot about that other cigar and reached in to take the 5 Vegas out for closer inspection. The gold, black, and white thick band has a very classy look to it, which is bumped up a notch with the cedar wrap covering every bit of the cigar below the band. The wrapper that I could see was a very rich looking maduro with some marbling effect with multiple dark colors in it. That was it, the cedar was coming off and I was gonna smoke this cigar! With the cedar removed, I could really see the color marbling on the wrapper, which I find to be very attractive. There are no significant veins and the excellent construction results in a nice firm cigar from head to foot. The pre-light aroma was a nice strong clean farm smell with a hint of dark chocolate. After using my punch, I took a dry draw and found a firm but good draw with a nice flavor that was expected from the smell.

1st 3rd:

5 Vegas Series A - 3

The cigar was very easy to light and kicked in with large amounts of thick smoke. I will have to say that this cigar jumped up and smacked me in the face on the first few draws, but settled into a nice smooth maduro full flavored smoke. I would say that this was the most full bodied cigar that I have had in a few weeks, so it took a while to get myself adjusted to the complex flavors that were flowing over my taste buds. I could definitely taste a sweet dark chocolate flavor, especially when I lick my lips. The cigar really settled into a nice smooth smoke with enough of a kick to hold your attention. To this point, I am loving this thing.

The ash is a nice thick ash that seems to hold on well.

5 Vegas Series A - 4

2nd 3rd:
The second third started to wake up a few new flavors on top of the classic maduro chocolate flavor. I began to notice a more earthy, less sweet main flavor, but still smooth and enjoyable. A little later I could pick out some slight leathery flavors as well. I am still very much enjoying my time with this cigar, and it is making a run for my “Hit List” if it can maintain this level of enjoyment through the final third.

5 Vegas Series A - 5

3rd 3rd:
Can this cigar keep up the pace? As I move into the final stretch, I am way beyond my initial expectations and I hope it stays on this path. The chocolate flavor seemed to make a bit of a return toward the end, and the leathery undertones came out a bit more. The overall flavor still meshed into a very enjoyable smoke up to the very end. I am very pleased with this cigar. It had not burn issues, stayed lit even when I went in for a few minutes to make another pitcher of margaritas. Good draw providing good thick smoke the whole time – lots of good smoke rings.

5 Vegas Series A - 6

As you can see below, I smoked it pretty far down – didn’t want it to end… (although I did not bring out a tooth pick as some pros do notworthy )

5 Vegas Series A - 7

Bottom Line:
Great cigar!!! This was my first 5 Vegas and I have to say that so far I am impressed! I have one more and will definitely buy more. No burn problems, great full complex flavor, good smoke, well constructed, wife liked the flavor, wife liked the smell, what else can I say. Definitely worth the money – maybe under priced IMHO. If you like maduros, then I highly recommend this cigar. I think it might have made it into my top 5 list – Cohiba Black still holds the #1 spot, but I may have to have a smoke off between these two.

Anyway, I liked it!!!

This review came courtesy of
tommyn45 from the Stogie Review Fan Forums

enjoying cigars since 2005

15 thoughts on “5 Vegas Series “A” (Guest Review)

  1. Big fan of the Series A – I smoke the Robusto size. These are priced great and very tasty. My favorite of the 5 Vegas line.

    Question – who makes 5 Vegas?

  2. Great review Tommy and I have to agree with you. That is my favorite of the 5 Vegas line and it’s a great solid cigar.

  3. Great review I can not wait to try one myself! Question, the picture of the foot, the gaps was that the ceder wrap?

  4. Walt,

    Another great review, will have to give 5 vegas another shot especially after the miami knuckle debacle.

    Matt M.

  5. Nice review! I had one of these last night, and I wasn’t as impressed, although I typically like maduros. I have another one in the humi, so I’ll have to give it a second chance sometime.

  6. Thanks for choosing my review!! I am flattered!

    The ashtray was purchased from CigarPlace, and I love it! Thanks for noticing!

    The gaps are from the cedar wrap. It was still on when I took the photo.

    An update: I have just bought a Series ‘A’ 20 count humidor that will likely be filled primarily with these guys!!! 😀

  7. Matt,
    This review was done by tommyn45 from the SR fan forum. Walt just posted it on the main page.

    I think that the reviewer’s name should be posted at the top of the review…I sometimes get confused too.

  8. I got one of these the other day in a sampler pack. Let it sit about 2 weeks, smoking it now. I have the Atomic size. 4.5″ X 54. Very nice smoke. I love Maduro and this one hasn’t disappointed so far. Nice review btw.

  9. Have enjoyed all of the 5 Vegas line, but my 2favorites are the A and the triple A. These guys really make consistently great cigars. The triple A by A J Fernandez is my personal favorite with the A in second place. Great draw,smoke production and flavor make this a good bet for any humidor.

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