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Top Cigars Criollo

Tom and Ed are back once again! This time the guys smoke the Miami made Top Cigars Criollo while lounging in Ed’s beautiful back yard.

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18 thoughts on “Top Cigars Criollo

  1. You guys crack me up. You get along so well, and yet there’s like, an unintended tension between the two of you. Sometimes it looks like Tom has a look of ‘WTH Ed?’ on his face. Nevertheless, you two put out fantastic reviews, and I look forward to seeing more in the future!

  2. Ray D – Nah I love Ed like a brother. That look on my face is my natural expression (I know, it doesn’t look right!). Also, the tension you feel is my natural energy that I emit in most circumstances. I guess the camera amplifies it.

    And to our other 3 fans out there, glad you enjoyed the review 😉 We will be baaack

  3. Very enjoyable review, as always.

    Tom’s mention that Top should have a website prompts me to suggest that maybe Ed should add some online commerce to his site. You guys review some smokes that are pretty hard to locate, and it would be very nice if I could just to to Ed’s shop site and click “Buy 5 Top Cigar Criollos” to try them out…

  4. Forgot to mention my favorite part: at 28:30 some guy wanders in over Tom’s shoulder and pulls a shopping cart out of the pond. I laughed pretty hard when I saw that.

  5. Efahl – Ha, I noticed that as well, and almost put an arrow pointing it out. Then I figured I’d leave it as is.

    As for Ed having an online commerce, I’ve asked that of him before. Basically, it boils down to – He can’t compete with the big online sites in terms of price. Many from all over the states have called him for the hard to find stuff, and he always works something out. Give him a call, he will hook you up.

  6. Thanks for the review guys! I actually enjoy it when things veer off topic slightly, for example with the cigar tax issue, and long as the opinions are expressed respectfully (which both of you certainly do) I even enjoy some light political banter. It’s always interesting to hear someone’s thoughts on current events that has some industry business experience like Ed. Look forward to the next one 🙂

  7. Hell Yeah! Welcome back Ed! You are the man!
    You guys made this cigar sound great, good job.

    The Tom & Ed show rules!


  8. Welcome back Ed! We missed you. Great review guys. I love the Tom & Ed reviews so much as you guys work so well as a team.

    Many Thanks

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