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Cigar Shop Reviews

Last week I came across a thread in the Stogie Review Fan Forums, in the Site Suggestions area. The thread was created by one of our regulars, schedel, and suggested that we create a new board for cigar shop reviews. After talking with Jerry and Brian, we decided that it would make a great addition to the site.

After coming up with a review template and creating all the necessary boards, we present to you the Cigar Shop Reviews section on the Stogie Review Fan Forum. At this point in time we already have three shops review in three different states.

If you have travel plans and are in need of a good cigar shop, stop on into the forum and see if one was reviewed in the location you plan on visiting. Interested in reviewing your local shop, then swing on bye and write up a review.

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Cigar Shop Section

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17 thoughts on “Cigar Shop Reviews

  1. This is a fantastic idea guys! I’m going to have to get going on a review.

    Question: Where do michigan posts go? You have an east coast and a central time zone thread. I plan on posting in the central even though we are Easter tz.

  2. That was a great idea that came from inside the forum- way to act on it so quickly and get a great template set up!

  3. I’ll have to leave reviews. Have to let people know where the safe havens are here in California heheheh.

  4. Looking at some of the cigar shop reviews that are out there already, my local shops suck in comparison. Damn you. Damn you all to hell.

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