Trilogy Authentic Corojo by Alec Bradley

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Trilogy Authentic Corojo by Alec Bradley

Well since Walt stole my review last week..actually “stole” isn’t a fair way to describe it. Since Walt beat me to the punch in reviewing the Harvest Selection I turned my attention to the Authentic Corojo in the Trilogy line by Alec Bradley.

I’m not familiar with Alec Bradley cigars. I do have a few Tempus waiting in the humidor to be reviewed but before I review a “hot” cigar from a maker I’m not familiar with, I like to do my research and smoke some from the other lines.

Video runs close to 12:00 and all in all, I’m pretty impressed with the Authentic Corojo. So much that it gets my stamp of approval and has me pretty excited to try the other two members of the Trilogy line. And what would this week be without another contest? Video has details.


41 thoughts on “Trilogy Authentic Corojo by Alec Bradley

  1. Great review bro!! I have always loved your reviews and the sometimes lead to purchases (my fiance doesnt like you so much haha)

    I have smoked the Tempus and 97 harvest and loved them both (the tempus a whole lot more) but never tried the authentic corojo. I’ll look into picking some up now!

  2. hey J, great review as always, now time for the Bolivar review next(my fav. smoke!) I heard on the Cigar Dave show Sat. that there is a proposal in your state of Maryland for a 90 percent excise tax on cigars! WTF? This will most certainly put most B&M stores out of business in Maryland. Add this tax along with SCHIP and you all will be taxed to death! Anyway keep up the good work.

  3. Great review. But you were suposed to used the stamp I made for you.

    Maybe I should pick up more of the Alec Bradley line, right now all i have is a Tempus sitting in my humidor and it could use some company wink wink 😉

  4. This cigar is one of my favs at the B&M. It goes for around $6 for the torpedo, so its really very economical, and I agree completely with your opinion.


  5. Great review as always, Jerry! I’m on spring break in T-4 days, so maybe I’ll pick a couple of these up at the ol’ B&M when I get home. Man oh man am I ready for spring break…I have so many cigars I want to get and try out! It’s just so hard to smoke regularly living the dorm life, so home’ll be a nice change of pace.

    Anyway, nice job and keep up the good work, man!

  6. Hi Jerry…despite what you may think, i really do enjoy your reviews even if i don’t always like the smokes. Sorry if it always sounds as if i am always leaving negative comments, nothing personal, guess it’s just my sunny disposition…anyway. No hard feelings and long f**king ashes to you.

  7. Nice review as usual! I love the video reviews!! I have never tried any Alec Bradley cigars yet (that I know of) but my one friend tried the MAXX twice and each time it has made him I might have to look for these locally to see if I can pick up 1 or 2 of each of the 3 to give a try! I think I might like the Cameroon the best myself, but I never rule out anything til I try it.


    It almost looked as if the triangular shape kind of smashed out the further down you smoked it. Did it get mushy? maybe it was just the video, or my eyes.

  8. Great review as always. I remember seeing these a lot, but have never tried one myself. They sound good though.

  9. Another awsome review Jerry, ive been known to be a corojo freak so im going to have to light one of these guys up real soon!!
    Great to see that a triangle cigar can burn so well. I wonder how they compare to the ones being made presently (the round ones).

  10. nice one Jerry. I am a little surprised. with the amount that you smoke I never thought a cigar would survive in your humi for that long.

  11. Nice review Jerry. I sent you at least 2 of these cigars, maybe even all three. I sent them to you in a bomb over a year ago. I am glad you liked them. The reason for changing from the triangle shape to the parejo shape was becuse people were experiencing burn issues with them.

  12. Nice review. I’ve never had any Alec Bradley stuff, but was recently tempted by some Harvest ’97s on the devil site.

  13. Hi Jerry,

    I’dlike to gift you a 5er of maduro robustos I have in my humi for about a year now. It is smoking very well right now. Please let me know how do I get it to you.

  14. Great review, Jerry. I tried these in the torpedo, robusto, and churchill sizes and loved them all. All had a nice corojo flavor. They didn’t evolve much while smoking, but didn’t need to as the flavor throughout was enjoyable. Getting the tri-press is a real bonus, as you know they have 6-7 years of box aging. The cameroon was similar with the sweet, crisp cameroon flavor. I haven’t tried the maduro. Since you’re a cameroon fan, I think you will really enjoy that variety in this line. Be sure to let us know!

    Unfortunately, the tri-press supply seems to be all but dried up. The last couple times I ordered Trilogy’s, they came in the more recently rolled round shape. There’s a subtle but noticeable difference in the tastes, probably due to the aging, but it’s still a delicious smoke.

  15. Great review. I loved the Ovation line from AB, which I believe morphed in the current Trilogy. There are some interseting tobaccos used in each of the blends. Im going to have to pick up a few of these.

  16. Jerry, The triangle thing is interesting. I’ll have to try these out. Thanks for another great review. P.S. It is 80 in Florida today :)~

  17. Appreciate the front porch attitude, you never fail to entertain while educating. Citrus? Really? Eh, well, ok, whatever….. Thanks.

  18. Smoked these for a couple years now. I like the entire Trilogy line… and the price can’t be beat. Thanks for the Video Jerry.

  19. Hi Jerry, thanks for the review. I’m just now drawing on an Alex Bradley Corojo from 2008, a factory second, which is delightful. Fully agree with your comments on flavour, nice tight grey ash on the one I have.

  20. Another great review, Jerry. I do not comment much, but I love your reviews and I think what sets you a head above the others in my book is just how down to earth you are. I appreciate that.

  21. Good review. I’ve only smoked two Alec Bradely cigars, the Maxx and the Harvest and I like both quite a bit. I’ll have to broaden my horizons on other cigars he makes.

  22. Hey Jerry. It’s the “green foam” guy here! The cigar sounds totally like a winner to me. If the peppery flavors are anything like the Cusano Corojo 97, I think this cigar and me could get along well in the future. Thanks for making the contest!

  23. Another great review! I’ve never had an Alec Bradley cigar and I might have to try these after hearing what you had to say about these.

  24. Thankx for the review, Jerry! I’ve only ever tried the Maxx, which I think I enjoyed…will have to keep an eye open for the Trilogy series; too bad they’re losing that interesting shape tho.

  25. Nice review. I am an AB slut!! LOL! You NEED to pick up the Native Cameroon. It’s an excellent smoke IMHO.

  26. Thanks for the review I always love to smoke new cigars while I read your reviews to see if it helps me taste anything more or to figure out the flavors I am tasting but can’t put my finger on the flavor.

    I am currently smoking a standard shaped (not triangle) Churchill and everything you said is still the same with the different shape. The ash is not firm and their are minor burn issues I am half way through and have touched it up once I think I will have to do it one more time before I finish.

    The flavors are great overall nice cigar I am with you on this its a good cigar I will buy more but I really doubt I would buy a box (unless its on a clearance or some insane deal i cant pass up.

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