Camacho Candela

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Camacho Candela


Okay so probably not the most serious review I’ve ever done. Just something funny I put together to get you through the day and in the mood to pound a few back after work.

Video runs a little over 6:00 and I promise I’ll never do an Irish accent again. Long ashes…


60 thoughts on “Camacho Candela

  1. I also tried a candela in keeping with St.Patti’s day.It was the Graycliff emerald.You made it alot further than I did.I was done after 5 min.Tasted liked burnt ass.As always thanks for the reviews and the laughs.Happy St.Patti’s day.

  2. Great Video Jerry!
    I did a review on the Camacho Candela for the Cigar Spy, and I got much the same flavor profile as you did.

    Happy St. Patty’s Day!!!


  3. Oh my God was that hilarious! I don’t know what else to say other than AMAZING! I rarely laugh out loud, but I honestly laughed out loud when you came on doing that ridiculous accent…haha!

    As comical of a review that was, it was insightful to anyone who hasn’t smoked a candela. DON”T DO IT! THEY TASTE LIKE GRASS AND TOASTED ASS!

    Anyway, keep up the good work, man!

  4. I’ve had the Camacho Candela. According to my Stogie Journal (excel spreadsheet), I liked it! It was very smooth and I liked the flavors. The only issues I had was the burn, as the wrapper was much different than the corojo filler burn wise.

  5. I’ve HONESTLY never typed omfg into the interweb. But I HONESTLY said out loud omfg, so it feels ok and un-cliche to type omfg.

    That was the best laugh I’ve had in awhile. Wear that shit tomorrow and I’ll buy you lunch at Lucky Bar

  6. Wow, what can you say. That was so damn funny, I nearly pissed myself. You do have the height for the part! HA! You went the extra mile on that one!

    Classic Jerry

    That was cool with the JJ productions. I bet he was laughing at his crazy dad!

  7. Haha, funny shit. I actually tried a couple of the IT greenies and my experience was pretty similar, and I was a complete noob at the time. It was sweet, bland, a strong grassy/hay taste, and it was the last time I ever plan on smoking one of those. I’d much rather smoke a Mac, and I can barely even tolerate them!

  8. fwiw the Fuente version is slightly less horrible and almost smokeable. Happy St Patty’s day!

  9. Merry New Year! Thanks for the themed review. I think I just saved a bunch of money on my cigar budget with this one!

  10. The black mustache and the red beard. Hilarious. And you smoke a bad cigar to boot!!! What you won’t do for us stogiemen.

  11. My favorite line in that review was when you stated that your wife said you “looked like an asshole”! Very nice way to start out the day, great review ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Ha! That was hilarious.

    If any of your neighbors do ask, just tell them that the camera wasn’t even on. This must be done while wearing the green beard and irish hat.

  13. ROFLMAO!!!

    omg that was great! Just tell your neighbors that you take breaks between the pron sessions to have a cigar and they are filming your life story, so the camera has to come outside also.


    You looked like you were turning a bit green yourself ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. That was freakingly funny.

    I’ve smoked only one in my life, an ITC. I turned green myself, and I smoke only full & med-full. The taste truly nauseated me.

  15. That was hilarious! I wasn’t expecting it. Is this leading up to holiday attire for all of your holiday reviews?

  16. You said that Camacho Candela was in the bottom of your humidor… I think I would have left it there! ROFLOL

    Mental note to self: don’t buy Candela’s!

  17. you’re wife’s right, and i was waiting for your face to turn the shade of the candela, but it was fun. thanks & happy st. pat’s!!

  18. Irish accent…….what Irish accent? Had fun watching your review, thanks for the good time.
    Don’t forget to turn off the porch light,

  19. Happy St. Patty’s Day Jerry!!!!

    Entertaining as always. ๐Ÿ˜€

    As for the cigar, I love almost all things Camacho, but find that candela to be unsmokeable. You are a scholar and a gentleman for giving it a try. ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Awesome video Jerry. Another classic. Keep on “smoking the camera” ๐Ÿ˜› Heck with your neighbors, they need to get in the spirit of things ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy St. Patricks Day.


  21. Hahahaha! I had to watch it again…. And to be honest, the secind time I was REALLY hoping the beard would catch on fire!!!!!!!

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Who wouldn’t be?

  22. This is my first time leaving a comment…ever. And I just have to say…too funny bro. Classic Jerry for sure. I loved your comment on finding a pot of that shit at the end of the rainbow. Your videos never get old Jerry!

  23. Great video Mr McCruz. I’ve never smoked a candella, but have been curious for awhile….I’m not curious anymore. Thanks for helping me save the $$.

    By the way, the beard was cool, but the hat rocks!

  24. Classic! I started cracking up before you even said anything. One you started talking it was all over.

  25. Nice review! Maybe throw in a little jig next time, though, for the extra Irish cred.

    I’ve been meaning to hunt down a candela, maybe this will serve as my motivation.

  26. Jerry, just got turned on to your site recently and love it! Your reviews are always entertaining.

    I thought you looked Irish, just had to let your beard grow out some!!!

  27. Laughed my ass off! The first two things I thought were, when’s he going to catch the beard on fire and what’s his neighbors think!! Great job as usual Jerry, really over the top!

  28. just got home from DC and finally got to watch this and it is a great one!

    got worried you were going to set that beard on fire once or twice during the review…

  29. Great review as always. Personally, I loathe candelas. I’ve always thought they tasted like kitty litter, There are still folks that love them though. My brother thinks they’re the greatest thing ever. I buy him $50 boxes of Baccarat Candelas and ship to him…. for a nominal fee of course

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