Rocky Patel Cuban Blend (Maduro)

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Rocky Patel Cuban Blend (Maduro)

Rocky Patel Cuban Blend

My review of the Rocky Patel Winter Collection (2009) a few weeks back has renewed my love of Rocky Patel cigars. During this lovefest I discovered that I’ve never reviewed the Rocky Patel Cuban Blend. Similar to the Honduran Classic, the Cuban Blend is a Famous Exclusive…meaning you can only get them at Famous Smoke Shop. In the interest of complete transparency I wanted to say that Famous Smoke Shop is an advertiser with The Stogie Review and we’re also good friends on Twitter with @Famous_Hayward. The cigars I smoked for this review and the cigars for my give away were all purchased with my own money. Also wanted to say, unlike a lot of the other reviews out there, this review is based on smoking the Cuban Blend many of times and not just one from a sampler.

Sorry, had to get that off my chest…I’m not exactly sure how the Cuban Blend got its name but whats in a name really right? If you want an espresso rich cigar with a little hint of spice for balance, you’ll enjoy the Rocky Patel Cuban Blend like I do. Its on the medium/full border so if you’re a medium bodied smoker like I am, its in your comfort zone but still has enough body for you fuller bodied smokers out there to enjoy. Its not going to win any beauty contests for most attractive cigar in the humidor and it may not be very challenging but its winning trifecta (burn, draw and flavor profile) will definitely win for congeniality.

Video runs about 12 minutes, watch me get annoyed with the birds and I keep spreading the love so see the video for complete details on how to win a 5 pack of the Rocky Patel Cuban Blend in one of its wrapper offerings (Costa Rican Maduro and Honduran Corojo).


58 thoughts on “Rocky Patel Cuban Blend (Maduro)

  1. Well I would have to say in my opinion that the best Maduro I have had was Cohiba’s Maduro 5 Secretos. A taste that well surpasses any other. But then again it is only my opinion.

  2. I enjoy a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro, especially on the Oliva G. Nice review. This was a first, Jerry interrupted by a bird.

  3. I like your reviews because they are short and to the point and you don’t hold back on anything that you say. I have yet to try the Rocky Patel Cuban Blend because it seems like he made any old junk cigar for any company that wanted to buy it and in the end might have given himself a bad name by doing so. I like the Brazilian Maduro that is used in the CAO Brazilia.

  4. Your bird story reminded me of an event that happened to a recruit at Marine boot camp a few years ago. We had this kid who looked like a pelican, straight up just ugly. There was an annoying seagull on top of this lamp post where we were cleaning our rifles. Our drill instructor was pissed, cursing at the birds, then he turned to the pelican kid and made him speak in bird language and tell his brother to go away. “Hey there you, tell your brother to fly away, birdie”

    Anyways, that is my bird story for you. I personally like a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro on the Romeo Y Julieta Reserve Maduro.

  5. my favorite maduro wrapper happens to be on the Gurkha Triple Liger – the brazilian maduro – very peppery and spicy, just what i love!

  6. Definitely the Brazilian Maduro! Great review Jerry, like you I prefer the maduro version of the CUban Blend,and totally agree with the flavors you detected.

  7. My best maduro yet is the Cohiba Maduro Secretos, I had a Macanudo maduro perfecto shape some time ago that wasent to bad, but it was a litle tight rolled. Keep the rewiews coming. Cant wait for he next one.

  8. I haven’t had too many maduros, but I would have to say that the Padilla Belicoso is my favorite right now. That might change in a week or two though,haha.
    Keep up the good reviews! I enjoy watching them!

  9. Nice review Jerry. I guess my fav maduro would be Conn. broadleaf, but I like them all!
    I like what famous has to say about these: It’s almost like getting a fine Cuban cigar without the Cuban price!

    Hahaha! Sign me up for that fiver!!!

  10. my favorite is the Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro.

    this is the second review of yours that I’ve watched and I’ve found them quite informative and enjoyable. keep it up!

  11. Nice review and I see your birds went away 😉

    So far I have really enjoyed the Brazilian Maduro wrapper, especially in the CAO Gold and I also liked the CAO Brazilia, but the Gold was better IMO.


    OT – Why are torpedoes more expensive than any other style of cigar?

    Also the Toro and Robusto sizes are cheaper in the 5 packs – has a Sale ends today flag on a bunch of the boxes, so the 5 packs might be a LOT cheaper than the boxes soon! Toropedo and Belicoso sizes are still cheaper by the box – goofy!

  12. Thanks for the review and a chance to win a few cigars. I would say that the Padron 5000 Maduro with its Nicaragua origin is at the top of my list and the first one that comes to mind.

  13. I’m a big fan of the Perdomo Habano Maduro. It’s a Nicaraguan Maduro wrapper and exudes chocolate and coffee all the way through.

  14. Great review Jerry, and thanks for the opportunity to win a five pack.
    I enjoy the Dominican Maduro that is used in the Fuente Hemingway’s.

  15. Great review Jerry. Gotta love the bird comment =P

    One of my personal favorite maduro wrappers would be on the Edge Maduro, which I believe is a Costa Rican wrapper. You’ll never see me turn one down.

  16. Great review, Jerry & Thankx!
    You are way too generous but I’m not complaining. Haven’t tried this one yet, but have had many of the RP blends. I would have to say right now, my favorite maduro is the brazilian (like the CAO). Have a great week!

  17. US Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro would be my favorite Maduro wrapper and my favorite cigar that I can find them on would be an Arturo Fuente Añejo that has been aged long enough to let the Cognac really shine. Thanks for the review I do not recall hearing the Great Torpedo stamp of approval on the RP Cuban Blend Maduro maybe you are getting stingy with it!

  18. We all need to chip in and start a pump action BB gun fund to help turn Jerry’s bird disdain into a pleasure zone!

  19. Hi Jerry; I’m becoming a bigger fan of Rocky Patel’s offerings and my current favorite maduro is what he uses on “The Edge.” I don’t know where he gets it, though. Is it Honduran, maybe?

  20. Great Review Jerry! I would have to split the title of my favorite maduros between the connecticut broadleaf and the san andres valley selections.

  21. Jerry – I don’t think you can hide behind the curtain anymore. Your reviews for almost the past 2 months have been some of your most informative work and yet you’re able to keep the entertainment value high. Much props for that.

    My favorite maduro wrapper is a Brazilian Maduro similar to the one of the CAO Brazilia.

  22. Ah, Rocky Patel. One of my favorite blender / brand owners.

    I think my favorite Maduro would have to be at this moment the EO 601 Blue followed by the CAO MX2 Honorable mentions would be the Gurkha Legend Anniversario. Actually, pretty close between the Gurkha and CAO cigars. Maybe a tie for second 🙂

  23. Nice review Jerry. I like the cuban blend, but my favorite maduro wrapper is Nicaraguan Maduro. The one found on Padron 1926 and the 601 Blue.

  24. My favorite cigar is the CAO MX2. The maduro wraper is a Connecticut Broadleaf.

    Another great review and a good tip. Unless a cigar is just gawd awefull nasty, put it down and try another one in a few weeks.

  25. Jerry,

    Another good review. Thanks for taking the time to review some of the “house” brands!

    My favorite Maduro wrapper has to be the Connecticut Broadleaf or the Costa Rican.

  26. Great Review. And Im glad to see the seal up there.

    Too bad I havn’t really had any Maduro Cigars in my short time smoking so I cant tell you my favorate.

  27. Long fuckin’ Ashes! Nice review Jerry. I hope review the natural wrapper of this one soon. It’s always nice to see the differences and similarities in the cigars with both natural and Maduros. My favorite madure is the Oliva Serie V Maduro, which I believe is wrapped in a nice double fermented Connecticut Broadleaf. Instead of the typical triple fermented wrapper. I also tend to like brazilian maduro and Criollo Maduros when I come across them. Nice review though, Again, you should review the natural soon!

  28. Really enjoy this cigar when I’m in the mood for something less full but still flavorful and smooth, thanks for the review Jerry.

    For maduros, I’m torn between Conn. and Cost Rican, I guess it depends on which one I had last 😉

  29. Jerry Nice review. have one of these waiting in the humi and can’t wait to try it.

    I tend to prefer the Connecticut Broadleaf maduros the best.

    Keep of the great work!

  30. I love these reviews. Con. broad leaf. I am pretty sure that would be the wraper on my favorite cigar of all time the Ashton Maduro.

  31. Oh, as for the name of the cigar, I heard that Rocky wanted to put out a cigar with “cuban” in the name simply because everyone else has one regardless of how “cubanesque” it actually is. To give him some credit I would say his cigar is probably no less cubanesque than any other random cigar that has “cuban” in it’s name. Plus the overall quality of his smoke is most definitely better than the majority of those in that same category.

  32. Great review. Have to pick up one and try it for myself.

    So my favorite maduro is Colrado/ems. The Camacho Corojo, great Honduras puro and under $6 its a great smoke.

  33. Nice review Jer. I love the nicaraguan maduro on the Perdomo Habano Maduro and I belive he also uses it one the Patriarch. The Brazillian maduro on the CAO brazillia is nice too. Thanks for the contest

  34. Great review. Surprisingly I’m just getting back to the RP line after quite awhile away. The Winter Edition is what caught my eye and brought me back and the Cuban Blend looks like it may have some promise too.

    I’m a big Maddie fan and I’d have to say the Nic Maddie leaves are my preference as used in Padron and DPG products.

    Good luck with that bird and keep the reviews comin’.

  35. Hey Jerry. Thanks for the review! I’ve seen that cigar before and wondered about it.

    My favorite maduro wrapper is the Ecuadorian sun grown maduro on in the La Flor Dominicana Double Ligeros.

  36. Nice review. I haven’t tried any of Famous’s house brands to this point. I’ll have to give these a shot.

    I’m a huge Connecticut Broadleaf fan. La Riqueza comes immediately to mind.

  37. Great review, Jerry! Man I have been gone a while, but I’m starting to get back into the swing of things, getting into cigars again to. Its been a year but I still remember my favorite maduro wrapper so far. It would have to be Costa Rican/Sumatra maduro wrapper. I love the smooth, rich flavors that comes off that wrapper and the way it coats your month, one in particular would have to be a well aged Reo, great smoke. I see this site has change a lot, its looks great. And it seems like cigars have to. I need to catch up on what are new good smokes out there. Well I’m glad to see your back doing your thing here on the stogiereview, I look froward to more reviews.


  38. Jerry,
    Well, I wish I could say…PARTAGAS BLACK which is wrapped in a Medio Tiempo wrapper. I will have to go with Connecticut Broadleaf 🙂

  39. Another winner Jerry! Your birds didn’t quite keep up with Stew’s wind chimes for a distraction, but maybe if you put out some seed you can get an entire flock to visit!

    I’m all about Costa Rican maduos; Gran Habano VL, Gurkha Fuerte, IT Super Fuerte….all good stuff!

  40. Nice review as usual, Jerry. I love going to this site and seeing a new review from you – you freaking crack me up…lol

  41. Good review, I’ve only had the corojo wrapper. I thought it was pretty mediocre myself. My favorite maduro has to be the oscuro wrapper on the El Rey del Mundo robusto, robusto larga, and robusto suprema. Considering the large ring, I’ve never had a maduro/oscuro that smooth.

  42. Nice review, as always, Jerry.

    My personal maduro favorites are Nicaraguan-based, but I really like a broad range of them, to be honest. Some of my favorite maduro wrapped sticks are the JFR, El Triunfador, and the Anejo line. The RP Winter maduro is a pretty nice wrapper, too.

  43. Winner #1 is Dave Hanifan and Winner # 2 is Ted in KC.

    Dave has first pick between the Maduro and Natural and Ted in KC gets the remainder.

    Look for an e-mail from me guys.

  44. Whoot!!!! Thanks Jerry for the contests!!! I’ll finish up taxes and these will celebrate another year done. Hate tax time but smoking a fine cigar makes things so much the better 🙂

    I’m always a sucker for a RP cigar and can’t wait to taste this maduro blend while watching your review of it. Be like a delayed virtual herf haha.

    Long ashes and as always, I love your review,


  45. Wow, this cigar is impressive. This is exactly what I like in a Maduro. A rich spicy espresso right in the upper end of Medium. At least on the first half inch. Great construction, and when I put it on my lips cold, got that great tingle on the lips letting me know this baby was going to have some kick to it.

    I can see some sparkle on the wrapper letting me know that it’s been aged nicely. And a hint of sweetness when I draw after it’s been cooling.

    Jerry, this is really a fantastic cigar. I have to say, I’m impressed. For the price, this cigar is great. This cigar reminds me of a Carlos Tarano Virtuoso with a little more kick. I’d have to say, while I’m a fan of the Virtuoso line, I might have to give the edge to this RP blend. Maybe after this one is smoked out, I’ll fire up a Virtuoso and see how it compares.

  46. Good smoke but to me it is very FULL body and a little harsh, and I smoke 2-4 cigars evary week.

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