Cigar Shop Review: Lake Mary, FL – Corona Cigar Company

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Cigar Shop Review: Lake Mary, FL – Corona Cigar Company

Last week I announced the Stogie Review Fan Forum Cigar Shop Reviews section, this week I’d like to feature one of those reviews as well as give you an update on how we are progressing. Since the initial launch of this new section, we have racked up 11 reviews and are off to a great start. If you have a shop in mind that you would like to review, drop into the forum and share it with us.

Featured Shop: Corona Cigar Company
Reviewed By: Kyle (kafreeman)
Date Visited: 1/24/2009
Street Address: 1130 Townpark Ave
City: Lake Mary
State: FL
Zip: 32746
Phone Number: (407) 333-3453
Hours of Operation: Open Mon-Thu 9am-12am; Fri-Sat 9am-2am; Sun 10am-12am

Location: Above average
Corona Cigar is in a large plaza with a multitude of restaurants, a movie theater, and many other stores. Parking is a somewhat limited, you may have to walk a bit to get to the store.

Staff: Exceptional
I have dealt with most of the staff there, and they all seem to know what they are talking about. I started going there as newb, and I asked for a brand sampler to try out some stuff. They had a few, but suggested he pick some out instead to get a better range. He picked Tatuaje, Cabaiguan, Padron 1964, La Riqueza, La Flor Dominicana, Illusione, and La Gloria Cubana. Any questions I had were answered, and if he had not smoked something he would find someone in the store that did.

Stock: Exceptional
They carry boutiques. Practically all of them. They carry practically everything CAO makes, everything thats been ranked in the CA Top 25. Their singles prices are in line compared to a box price from CI or Famous. It seems like they round up to the next half dollar when determining the single pricing. Accessories are a little higher than what you can find online, but once you add shipping you are close to the same price. Everything is nice and clean, well laid out. Its easy to look through the smokes they have.

Lounge: Average
They have a nice lounge and have bands playing on the weekend. They have a good selection of drinks to enjoy while in the lounge. Chairs are mostly all wood. They have a nice patio area outside the store with metal chairs.

Overall Opinion: Exceptional
Overall, Corona Cigar Co. is a great place. I havent been to the other two other locations in Orlando, but from what I understand they exceed the Lake Mary location. Any other shop I have been to has paled in comparison to Corona in Lake Mary.

Photos from Corona Cigar Company Website

Corona Cigar Company - Lake Mary, Florida - 1

Corona Cigar Company - Lake Mary, Florida - 2

Corona Cigar Company - Lake Mary, Florida - 3

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16 thoughts on “Cigar Shop Review: Lake Mary, FL – Corona Cigar Company

  1. WOW! I doubt we will ever have a superb store like that in my area! All that seating and selection at GREAT prices! I usually pay around $3-$4 more per stick locally than I could get with box prices online. Maybe I should move 🙂


    Is the whole store humidified or do they have glass or plastic lids on all those shelves?

  2. Man, this place looks AWESOME!!! I would be there at least once a week if that was near my place…more like every night if they were open late! So cool.


  3. “The entire place is humidified and purified.”

    Thats crazy 🙂 WOW! Wonder how everything metal doesnt rust.


    You are a lucky man to have such a place close by! If I would have a couple million lying around, I would have to build something like that around here 😉

  4. It’s a great shop. On my two visits I found the prices a little higher than smaller shops, but that makes sense with the serious overhead they have. Very knowledgable and friendly staff. Thanks for the review.

  5. We love this place. Cigar Legend Avo plays the piano there……awesome. Those pictures must have been taken really early in the morning, because this place jumps.
    Staff are friendly, bartenders are HOT !!!
    Not forgetting the mass of cigars……….LOVE IT.

  6. Maybe it was bad timing, but my experience at this shop was HORRIBLE! The staff was non-existent. No one even acknowledged my presence nor did they ask if I was looking for anything special. When I bothered to flag someone down, he was not much help. Seriously, my 7-year old can talk more intelligently about cigars. The prices are very high. Finally, they refused to accept my “Mr. Punch’s Tax Releief” coupon, instead saying they “would not recognize it” (quite rudely, too). I don’t think I’ll be going back there again. Instead I’ll stick to my “humble” local store, Lowball Louies. They know how to treat a customer with service & respect.

  7. i love this place! the staff always its top notch. Jimmy was a big help to me in branching out to real cigars, instead of just the flavored stuff. I will def becoming back there for all my cigars needs.

  8. I think corona is good for show but I have to agree with David i like Low Ball Louie’s in Apopka. They carry a good selection and are quit a bit cheaper, every time I have put in a request they meet my needs. They do have a small area to sit and watch t.v. Staff is nice.

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