Padilla Habano (Burberry Perfecto)

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Padilla Habano (Burberry Perfecto)

Padilla Habano Burberry Perfecto

The Padilla Habano has been a favorite cigar for many of you out there and with the new addition of the Burberry Perfecto to the line, I don’t see that changing any time soon. This new Burberry Perfecto line adds more flair to the Padilla Habano’s already highly rated flavor profile and adds a few twists increasing its eye candy value.

Video runs about 12 minutes and I normally frown upon this “style” of cigar (there are a few exceptions like the Arganese Double Wrap, CAO America & Liberty series). Whether you call it a barber pole or cross wrap or split decision…they tend to be all look, no substance. You know the type…looks attractive but construction sucks and the flavor profile is a pile of dog poop? I’m very excited to report that the Burberry Perfecto doesn’t fall in that usual “gimmick” category.

Built upon the Padilla Habano’s already solid flavor profile, the Burberry Perfecto’s three Habano wrappers adds a little extra to the flavor profile. As the old saying goes, “a little goes a long way” and with these few added twists, I can see the Burberry Perfecto being a staple in many humidors for years to come.


6 thoughts on “Padilla Habano (Burberry Perfecto)

  1. Enjoy your reviews. Where can I find the Burberry Perfecto on-line?
    Hope all went well with the birth of your baby (assuming 6 mos later that it happened)

  2. cant wait to get a hold of this cigar i just bought a 5 pack today! I would have to say from the padilla my fav cigar from the padilla line right now would have to do be the padilla dominus robusto such a power house but yet so complex from start to finish

    1. I’d be surprised it this does not become your favorite. I’m down to my last couple in my last 5pack and I’m searching around for more

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