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I know…I know…I know…his name is Dion not Don. For whatever reason my mind was already in vacation mode so I kept saying Don instead of Dion.

Video runs around 12 minutes and while I forget to say it in the video, the Cruzado gets the Great Torpedo Seal of Approval. Not only do I love the name but its medium body but full flavored profile combined with its winning bouquet of aromas makes the Cruzado a cigar that can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere and at any time of day…don’t believe me? Watch the video for how you can win a 5 pack so you can experience the Cruzado for yourself. Its legit folks!


89 thoughts on “Cruzado

  1. Jerry, nice as always. The thing I like best about your reviews is that they are short and sweet, as well as entertaining. Keep ’em rollin’! Cruzados are effing amazing too. I think they have a very nice sandalwood note in them that really balances the stick well.


  2. Hey Jerry – thanks for another great review. I’ve come to rely on you to introduce me to new cigars! The one thing that I’d love to see in your reviews is the cutting and lighting process – I know you dispensed with it a while back for personal reasons, but I always feel like I’m missing out on the beginning of the journey when I don’t see it. Anyway, can’t wait to see what The Great Torpedo has in store for us next!
    – Chris

  3. I like your videos overall. I think it would be better if you would bring back the score sheet rating system. It is great to hear that you love a cigar or hate one, but as you know different people have different taste buds. I still have not tried the 5 Vegas Knuckle because I heard from you that it is a shitty cigar. Maybe somebody out there hears you say that this is a great cigar but may think that it is shitty. I think it would be great to see why something might be great or horrible.

    Smoking is cool,


  4. Thanks for another great video review. I enjoy the length of the vidoes and your humor the most. The Cruzados seem to be hard to find out here but I guess I haven’t been looking for them until now.

  5. Top notch video Jerry!
    One thing that I would like to see more of is pics. The pic of these smokes that you have looks great! Adding a few still photos would add a little depth to the video and ease the transition between cuts.

    Also, looking forward to the YQMA, the split screen is very cool. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Like everyone else…i am really looking forward to a new YQMA… just keep the reviews coming, would like to see a few more Cubans…but hey, i never knew there was so much crap out there to smoke! x

  7. I really enjoy your reviews. I can’t think of anything to change or add. Perhaps you and Walt can team up again with the spit screen. I really enjoyed that.

  8. very “smilky” review as usual – lol

    I would like to hear about the pre-light draw and I would also like to see the cut/punch and light of the cigar. I know some of the ones I have smoked have had problems when cutting or punching them, well unless i am a complete moron :p

    Oh, would also like to see you smoke that puppy down to the nub and give final thoughts. I dont have enough knowledge yet, but when I have smoked some to the nub the flavors have changed for me and it would be nice to hear about that as well.


    Neither rain nor sleet nor snow shall keep Jerry from doing a video review ๐Ÿ˜‰ BRAVO for standing up to the weather!!

  9. Love the videos.

    I would love to see a cut to a one sheet at the begining of the video with the cigar info – size, shape, wrapper, Country of Origin info, average price, etc. – or perhaps the same info at the end as a summary with your overall opinion of the cigar.

    Keep up the great work!


  10. I can’t think of a thing to change. They are informative and entertaining.

    Mike – KnightRid,

    Heres why Jery doesn’t nub ’em ๐Ÿ™‚

    โ€œI normally (70% of the time) only smoke to the band. It has to do with my style of smokingโ€ฆItโ€™s not so much that I smoke too fast, but more that I keep the cigar in my mouth the whole time. I donโ€™t put it down in an ashtray to rest. So you can imagine how saturated the end can get from my saliva. When I approach the band I know Iโ€™m coming close to the part that is just soured/harsh by my saliva and it isnโ€™t really fair to judge a cigar at that point, due to my style of smoking. Its oddโ€ฆI know.โ€

  11. Jerry – great review as always! The Cruzado looks to be right up my alley – definitely going to have to investigate those.

    Concerning your video reviews, I think they are right on track. Long enough to get as much information about the cigar as possible but short enough to where you don’t have to dedicate a set amount of time to watch it. I also like the change to you doing the reviews outside – gives a pleasant background to an already enjoyable video review.

    What I’d personally like to see you do sometime is do a video review on some of the cigar shops/hangouts that you frequent in your area. Also, perhaps a quick video on humidor/humidification techniques.

    Keep up the great work bro!

  12. Nice one again Jerry. Yuor videos are nice and i would not change to much about them. May be show a litle bit more of the cutting and lighting of the cigars,and i would like a toure of the humidore now and then just to see wat is in the drawers.

  13. Hey Jer, once again nice review. I enjoy your reviews because of the information you give is just what I need.. Maybe add the cutting and lighting but other than that you do a fantastic job.

  14. “Grow some fuckin’ hair”.

    Lol, just kidding.

    As always, I’m enjoying the reviews. One thing I would like to see are some budget-friendly cigars. Maybe some store-brand (Famous, JR, TNT) stuff, since there is a definite lack of professional reviews for those types of cigars.

    Also, maybe some discussion about how you got into reviewing cigars, and how you developed your palette.

    Alright, I think that’s it. *fingers crossed*

  15. Great Review Jerry! I think your doing a pretty good job and wouldn’t change much, your videos are informative and entertaining so keep up the good work!

  16. Great review as always, Jerry! I really think you’re doing an awesome job, and I don’t know that I’d suggest many changes. Your videos are somewhat unique in that you give an honest, real world review vs. one which is more scripted, and I like that aspect in your videos. Keep up the good work, man!

  17. Honetly, I think your reviews are just fine as they are now. You are honest, provide a good description and show the emotions that the cigar invokes in you. Keep up the great work!

  18. I always enjoy your reviews, Jerry. Nothing snooty about them, just your honest opinion. Maybe you could include a review of a Cameroon once in awhile. I think they came in second in the favorite wrapper poll awhile ago, so there’s definitely some interest in your fan base. Keep up the great work and long ashes back at ya!

  19. The reviews are great. I would like to see some Cuban Crafters cigars reveiwed though. Keep up the great work looking forward to YQMA.

  20. Good video, a lot of information there. You mentioned that the price point is $9-$13 per cigar. To me, there’s a difference of liking a cigar and thinking that it’s worth the price. In your opinion, do you think that the price point is justified or do you think that it’s over priced? Thank you and keep up the good work.

  21. Jerry, thanks for the great review! I like the reviews as they are, you are doing a great job. As others have said I would like to see the cut and light of each cigar. I also find comparisons to be very helpful, such as this cigar reminds you of cigar X or Y that may be something I am familiar with. Thanks again!

  22. Nice review. I like these cigars also. I really have nothing to complain about the way you do your videos. As long as the vids are under 15 minutes, I have time to watch them. Good work.

  23. Hey Jerry your videos are always well thought out and “SMILKY”…. I like em and always go to the site everyday to see what you review… I purchase everything you recommend but I have not been able to find a 5 pack of Triunfador. I, also love Pete Johnson’s smokes… La Requiza rules, and I don’t know why it doesn’t get more press it is an awesome smoke.. By the way can I buy a Tatuaje Noella Reserve from you?? Take Paypal…?? I’ll even pay a nice markup for your troubles.. just drop me an email…

  24. Jerry, your reviews are spot on. Can you have your wife take a picture of you from the street the next time you are taping so that we can see how awkward you look standing out there alone talking to a camera ๐Ÿ™‚
    And don’t grow any F-n’ hair you didn’t look too good with that orange beard last week.

  25. Keep shooting them outdoors…

    It would be nice if we could match the volume of the music to the volume of your voice. I always have to turn the music down…and then turn it back up when you start speaking.

    Oh, and I think you should wear a costume for every video.

    Thanks Jerry

  26. Great review. I haven’t tried these or the Illusiones yet but I am looking foward to. I think more profanity would be great. Growing up in North Jersey, I have mastered the art of using profanity in all its glory.

  27. Formal study of cigars? What’s next, The History of Striptease Degree? ๐Ÿ™‚ Just kidding. LOL
    Don’t you start taking yourself too seriously, bro! We like you as you are!

  28. Nice review Jerry. I was thinking about the Tobacconist University this morning, so it came as a surprise to hear you talk about it as I watched your review just now.

    Maybe a further shot of you during the reviews would be best. It would be cool to see you sitting down on a beach chair with a cigar Maybe changing up the scenery a bit in the reviews would be cool too.

  29. Great review. I haven’t tried the Cruzado or the Illusiones line but want to soon. I say use more profanity in your reviews. Growing up in North Jersey I have master the art of using profanity.

  30. Jerry, how about a series of video reviews on the legends of Cuba (Bolivar BF, Monte #2, etc.)? You know, one or two top cigars from each brand. That would be great.


  31. Another great review young man. But what I would love to see would be a topless woman lighting your cigar for you. That would be great. And if the wife is against it just tell her you dont want to do it, but it is what the people want. I am sure she will understand. Great job.

  32. Terrific review. You could become the Jay Leno of cigar reviews. Keep it up! And, I especially like that you often choose some lesser-known brands and unique releases.

  33. Great job Jerry, always enjoy your reviews. Love it when the video is shot outside, also like the split-screen, keep them coming. The Cruzado looks like my kind of cigar (love mild to med. cigars) most people like the ball-busters full body cigars, I do too but not all the time.

  34. I enjoyed it, and the only constructive criticism isn’t really criticism – just a request for more. Three times a week? Daily? Keep it up.

  35. Jerry:

    Wonderful reviews overall. I love your light heartedness and it’s nice to see someone enjoying smoking as much as I do. If I could offer up a couple suggestions to you it would be as follows:
    1. Try to give a handful of cigars that each reminds you of. This would allow us to have a reference point to possibly something we may have already smoked.
    2. Give some descriptions of the nature of the resting smoke and smell of the smoke in the air. One of the aspects of cigars I enjoy is how the smell fills the air. Is it offensive or pleasant?
    3. How long did the cigar last for you? Will I get my money’s worth for the size etc.
    4. Some close-ups still photos to highlight the construction.
    5. Give a few recommendations of what beverage would compliment the cigar. I know I live a more full cigar with a cup of coffee etc.

    Ok that’s it. I know I’m nit-picking but hey you asked for it you got it. Keep ip the good work. Cheers!

  36. well, what is there to improve on? not much… maybe just a little more history/info on the cigar, particularly if there is an interesting story, or reason behind a name, or special procedures in growing, etc.

    On a personal note, I think it would be fucking awesome if you grew out some mutton chops!…. I’m just sayin’ ……

    well done Sir!

  37. Great review, Jerry. If anything, like you said I would like to hear some of the finer details but other than that, your review are good. You have your own style so I enjoy them either way.

  38. great review jerry. Heres some constructive criticism:

    wear the Irish suit for every review! (and do the irish accent =)

  39. oh no not an educated Jerry!!!
    I kinda like the lolo Jerry!!
    what will this mean – first, no more ‘f’ bombs, then what, smoking in a louis XIV chair with a smoking jacket ha ha ha
    eh how ever you do it just keep um comin


  40. Great review Jerry…I say don’t change anything. Those Cruzado’s sound effing amazing…can’t wait to try one.

  41. Feedback – don’t get thoughtful, scientific, thorough, sophisticated, educated, reverent or consistent. What I like about your reviews is that they don’t sound like a “review”, they sound like sitting out on the back porch talking over cigars. Just let us know what you’re smoking and what you think of it. Work on keeping a wide variety of cigars. if you think of a bit a background or a funny story along the way throw it in. keep it short and exit before it’s “time to move on”. Just keep on keepin’ it real. there ’tis, you asked for it. ml

    ps. u got a bunny outfit for easter?

  42. Nice review Jerry. Something I’d be interested in seeing is some reviews on the gadgets that go along with smoking cigars. I loved it when you used to show of the Mega-Pump light, P.O.S. that it was.

  43. Great review Jerry. I like the outside reviews which it seems like you do too. the Cruzado sounds good i’ve never heard of it. It seems like a really flavorful cigar that wont kick your ass. As far as changes have you heard Chan Chan by Compay Segundo? thats my favorite song i think it would be a good intro too. Buena Vista Social Club kicks ass.

  44. Always love the reviews… but since you asked, my only thought would be to the write up of the video. I would love to see some basic info… binder, filler, price, strength, etc. Nothing too fancy but it helps when needing to remember which cigar is which without listening to the video to figure it out. Thanks again and keep the great reviews coming!

  45. Jerry great video, great review, like you being real and taking in real layman terms. Like what you said about the fucking camcho green cigar. fucking sucks. I would like to see you do a review with a different background. Hey I live in Rhode Island and feel that I’m the only asian guy smoking cigars, that why I open my own cigar bar. keep up the good work.

  46. Jerry, if you get a chance to try the Marelas, do it, it is really something special. I’ve had two Cruzados in the past couple days in some of the other sizes, and while good, neither match up to that little figurado in flavor and complexity. I have a review of it on the fan forum.

    Great job as always. ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. I have heard so many good things about this cigar! I have just never tried to find it until now! Knowing this things get the great torpedo seal of approval makes all the difference!!!!

    Anywho, Great review as always brotha. I wouldnt change a thing. Your reviews remind me of sitting in the cigar lounge and talking cigars with my buddies. That what I love about them. Very low key. Keep it up man!

  48. Jerry,
    I have always loved your videos, and respect your opinions. I question why you chose to change your punchline though. Leaving the “F’n” out would suit your education level much better in my eyes ๐Ÿ˜‰

  49. Nice review as always.

    Here is some constructive criticism for ya — provide a more detailed written summary to compliment the video review. Even if it it just a recap of the highs/lows of the cigar, the cost of the stick, and your overall impression. I often find myself going back to old reviews, and I would like to just refer back to the written summary without having to watch the video all over again.

  50. I loved the lenght of the video not to long but to the point your opinons are wonderful to hear. Josh Caprell said it best “Anywho, Great review as always brotha. I wouldnt change a thing. Your reviews remind me of sitting in the cigar lounge and talking cigars with my buddies. That what I love about them. Very low key. Keep it up man!”

  51. Nice work Jerry. I really like the reviews as they are – just long enough and informal. There are enough other places for me to get formal, quantified reviews.

    As for suggestions…maybe some occasional guests to review along with you? That, or more costumes (gotta follow up on that St. Patty’s Day get-up). Though I’d leave the accents to the pros!

  52. Hey man some great suggestions here already. I personally enjoy the videos just as they are: casual, inoformative and highly entertaining. Keep up the great work buddy.

  53. If it aint broke, dont fix it! Just keep doing what you been doing. Clearly its working, me and doc have seen the fans!! RESPECT THE 3feet BITCHES! LOL

    oh, but grow some fuckin hair!


    PS: hope u and maria are having fun on Vacation!


  54. I gotta say the more Great Torpedo videos I watch the more I like em! The video quality now seems excellent and more HD than some of the early old school reviews. I too love the Cruzado, I usually grab an Elitas size. Thanks for the great reviews! Enjoy your vacation!

  55. Hi Jerry,

    I enjoy all of your videos and the laid back feel of the reviews. In terms of trying something new, what do you think of smoking different sizes of the same cigar make/blend back to back and making a video of it? It could help us get a feel for how the different sizes affect the flavor and strength of the blend. Has something like that been done before on Stogiereview?

    Thanks again,
    Marc E.

  56. I enjoy your reviews and generally agree with your tastes.

    I was going to say the same thing as Marc E. above, but won’t just repeat the previous suggestion.

    How about some ratings, so we can all ridicule them?

  57. Jerry,
    for the most part man, love your reviews. The only feedback I would generally have was to change the scenery. I was getting sick of staring at your china cabinet in some of your older reviews. But thankfully, you and your wife are expecting and you have been banned to the outdoors and the scenery has changed!

    I would like to see an actual seal of approval displayed on your reviews. I wonder where you could get one of those? Oh wait, YOU ALREADY HAVE ONE that has been designed by Big Daddy DK! Use it! Will Ya?? LOL

    Great Job Man!!!

  58. Hey jerry, as always great review, i would like to see what your neghbors say about you revewing cigars out side your house, their is so much mis conception about people that smoke cigars; ….I can imagine what the hell is this guy saying or what is he so exsited about, is he locking at porn????

    thanks for the revews.

  59. Hey Jerry! I honestly can’t think of anything to change on your reviews. I really enjoy seeing a new review of yours, not because of the possibility of free stuff (but it helps), but because they are to the point, not too long, not too short and very clear. I especially like seeing reviews of cigars I haven’t tried because it gives me an idea of whether or not I’d like to try it. Keep up the good work man.

  60. Nice review Jerry. I don’t think you need to change a thing about your videos, they are fine just the way they are.

  61. Jerry!!!! Ok, I do have some comments ๐Ÿ™‚

    I liked your recent Bluberry review where you lite the cigar. I know that lighting cigars causes all the snobs to complain about how many twirls your supposed to do with what exact wooden match, but I miss the old days of the cut and lighting to start the cigar review. Also, put back in your music interludes where you smoke and rock out ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s just optional. I love the length (brevity of your video’s) and I love your social exchanges you manage with the camera.

    Perhaps I’m just resisting change but I miss the lighting process and all the refills you had to do on the fly and listening to people complain hahahah.


  62. Jerry,

    Enjoy your reviews. I too like to see the cutting, cold draw, and lighting ritual. Maybe once in a while change the location of your reviews: garage, yard, etc… so the background scenery changes. Or perhaps pan the camera around in an “establishing shot” fashion.


  63. Great review and a cigar I want to try asap. How about adding captions so I can watch at work where I have no sound! Hahaa

  64. I would not change a thing with the review formats on this site. The fact the Brian, Walt, and Jerry all have completely styles is what makes the SR so interesting. Now if you could hurry and send these to me Jerry I would finally be able to remove a cigar from my ever growing list of cigars to try. LOL

  65. Jerry:

    Great review. Your sincerity and willingness to call a flaming turd precisely that, versus brown nosing the industry, is one reason I watch all your thoughts. I’d like to see you smoke the cigars down a little farther (though I know it’s not yor style) to give impressions a little deeper into the profile, and I would like you to mail me high quality, free cigars every week.

  66. Great review Jerry! I like your reviews because you are the “tell it like it is” guy. You don’t pull any punches, and you give your honest opinion. Not to mention you keep it informal and entertaining – maybe a few more costumes would be good. Hahaha!!! I think a few still pictures in the intro would be nice, but I know that would add more time to the editing process.

    Anyway, I enjoy what you are doing!

  67. Excellent Review Jerry. I enjoy your format the most. Get all of the information in a quick and dirty presentation.

    Would love to see more of your Irish cousin.


  68. Great review.

    In the cruzados I’ve had I picked up a not quite raisin/caramel flavor on the pre light draw. very nice.

    I like your videos the best, they are the right length, you are candid, and you don’t get bogged down in the minuscule details. Plus you share the wealth with shlubs like us.



  69. Great review as always Jerry.

    I honesly wond’t change anything, although it would be cool to see you guys “Live Tweet” a cigar review every once and a while. Perhaps even organize a monthly event where everyone chooses the same cigar and tweets their tasting notes simultaneously with hash tags, so we can go back and compare everyone’s notes in real time.

    Keep up the greatwork!

  70. Hey Jerry,

    Nice review.

    I have a comment… maybe I’m just a cheap bastard but it seems the price trend of cigars is rising… all these newer sticks like the Cruzados are being priced in the $7-10 range… don’t you think this is a little high, especially considering the current economy? I also enjoy pipe smoking and I’m seeing a lot of cigar smokers taking up the pipe and I think a huge part of that is because of the prices of cigars. I can get an amazing boutique tin of tobacco for $10 and that’s good for 15-20 smokes (45minutes to 1 hour per smoke). I’m interested in your comment about prices.

  71. Hey Jerry.

    One thing I’ve noticed is the pronunciation of cigars. Sometimes you will say it one way, but it’s not exactly proper Spanish, and I look like an idiot when I go into my local shop and ask for a cigar, only to be informed I’m pronouncing it wrong!! ๐Ÿ˜›

    Other than that, the videos are great. I like that they’re shorter, not the painfully long videos some other guys post up here, and you keep it entertaining, while other reviewers stumble over trying to describe the first third for 12 minutes. I like the background story that comes with your reviews.


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