Arganese Nicaraguan Presidente (Short Ashes)

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Arganese Nicaraguan Presidente (Short Ashes)

With a forgotten appointment looming over my head, I needed to act fast and whip up a review for todays post. Not having the normal time frame available, I decided to go with a Short Ashes review today and hope to have a full length review up on Saturday.

This week a take a look back at the Arganese Nicaraguan Presidente that I smoked a little more than a year ago. This sample was the last of my initial batch so I was interested to see what effects age had on this particular blend.

I got a little talkative in the video, as a result, it runs about twenty minutes.

Check out the original review of the
Arganese Nicaraguan Presidente

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8 thoughts on “Arganese Nicaraguan Presidente (Short Ashes)

  1. thanks for the review walt. these smokes have been on various daily deal sites lately for about $40 a box, so around 2 bux a stick. i enjoy these smokes, fairly consistent, and one of the better values out there if you can snag them on special.

    as always look forward to the next review!

  2. I’m liking your new intro. It looks very professional; like something you see on the Travel Channel. Good job.

  3. Great video review im not familiar with arganese cigars. I’m just wondering what cigar sites carry them. But awesome video i didnt know you were doing reviews on waltinpa i’ll have to check it out.

  4. Rudy, Famous cigars which not only is the sponser but they are very good! they sell arganese cigars

  5. Walt-

    I just checked the site, and i cant find this exact cigar, but I found a similar cigar with the same band, but not called presidente, etc… anymore.

    they just have churchill, corona, etc…

  6. Famous has all the “old” Arganese lines and they have them on ridiculous sales once in a while, either $40/box of 25 or buy one box get one free. They offer them on cigarmonster occasionally too. I got two boxes recently but they were extremely over humidified so I have them drying out right now. Still probably one of the best $1.60/stick I have spent.

  7. Nice review. I have never tried one of these, so I will have to look into getting my hands on one.

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