Alec Bradley Tempus (Short Ashes)

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Alec Bradley Tempus (Short Ashes)

For the first time in Short Ashes history, I decided to review something that I have not reviewed in the past. Instead I have reviewed a cigar that I have smoked several of over the past few months and that Brian was fortunate enough to get his hands on early in the release. That cigar is the Alec Bradley Tempus.

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Alec Bradley Tempus

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22 thoughts on “Alec Bradley Tempus (Short Ashes)

  1. Nice review. I smoked a couple and must have got some bad sticks I will have to try and revisit at a later date.

  2. I will be interested in how many comments you receive since everyone will be trying to win a 5 er by posting comments.

  3. I smoked a Tempus Genesis once… didn’t impress me too much, but the flavors were unique in my opinion. I generally agree with the review. The cigar had a bit of trouble staying lit.

  4. dude, I’m sorry this cigar is GARBAGE!…… if you want something that will dry your mouth and make u want to spit every second then buy this dirt cigar… otherwise avoid the hype and recommendation by aficionado…. im sorry but its nothing but a marketing gimmick… i wonder if alec bradley paid for some the print with under the table money… DOGG ROCKET!!!!! sorry…………….

  5. Said it before and I’ll say it again – the Tempus has major construction and burn issues. Great taste but it such an effor to smoke the cigar – I gave up on them.

  6. I’ve had good construction on the four or so Tempus cigars I’ve had, can’t think of a single problem. The only real problem is that they cost about ten bucks a pop out here in CA. If they are put on joecigar I may pick up more, but it isn’t worth the retail cost.

  7. I was looking forward to smoking this one,but I got disappointed when I finally smoked it . It all tasted nothing but dirt to me. Maybe, I should try once more.

  8. I noticed that many people seem to have the same problems with the Tempus in terms of burn and taste. I have had half a box so far and I really like them a lot. It has a nice spice flavor to it and is generally stable the whole way through. I haven’t had any burn issues or draw issues with any of the cigars I’ve had so far so I am really surprised this cigar got such poor reviews from the fan base here. I would definitely recommend this cigar to any medium bodied spice flavored aficianados out there

  9. Just tried smoking one of these tonight. It went out in the first 1/2 inch. The flavor was horrible and I gave up on it after about another 1/2 inch. It lacked any distinguishing flavor except maybe old ashtray. It was my first seriously horrible cigar in a long time and I want to smack the guy at the store that made the recommendation.

    It’s good to see I’m not alone in my perception of this overpriced stick.

  10. Had one this morning and thought it was a decent smoke. Certainly not a $10.00 smoke. Glad I bought it as part of an Alec Bradley sampler package and it came out to $2.50 a stick. Thought it had nice flavor, good draw and burnt evenly. Sampler pack included Harvest Selection and Habano as well. Habana tasted like a $2.00 stick and Harvest Selection about a $4.00 stick. Paid $30.00 for four of each stick at CI. Overall a good deal

  11. I smoked 2 or 3 of these that I picked up at the local shop and loved them! Great taste and no burn problems at all. I picked up ten of them online on a daily deal special because I liked them so well. I have smoked 3 of the ten so far, and not one of them would stay lit without puffing the hell out of them. Numerous relights frustrated me and the last of the 3 I only smoked about an inch of before giving up on it. I will try leaving them in the humidor for a few months and try again, but if I have the same trouble I will dump the rest and never buy again.

  12. It’s a decent smoke, but overpriced. I paid $9 for a stick and there’s a lot of better cigars out there in that price range. Casa Magna and the Oliva Serie V are better cigars and could be had for less than $7.

    I didn’t experience burn or draw issues. The flavor was a bit mundane considering the price
    tag for this cigar.The first third did taste a little bit like dirt, literally. But It did get better during the final third. For $9 I would recommend My Father or San Cristobal both blended by Don Pepin.

  13. I liked this smoke. It was very smooth but robust. I would say overall a high medium body. The smoke is dense but not overpowering. I did encounter the burn problems. It went out on me a couple of times and I couldn’t get the burn line to settle down. But overall a really respectable smoke. Check out my full review:

  14. 94 rated my butt! , i had all the same problems as listed here. I thought flavor was decent at best and that is the best thing I can say about this cigar. Everything else was very disappointing.

  15. Walt,

    Great review. I like the details and contrary to your concerns, appreciate the length of the video.

    I have smoked a few of these and while I did have a few construction issues, there was not as many as you and the others it sounds like. Mostly a slightly uneven burn and a somewhat snug draw that I would have preferred to loosen some. Flavors never leaped out at me and that was a little disappointing.

    I agree with your price point argument and it is absolutely something that should be brought up. I appreciate the companies that are more sensitive to value. There are a lot better sticks in this price range. I feel like this stick was moved by the hype machine like many are. Well done.


  16. Greatly OVERRATED cigar. The draw was super lose, kept having to relight it and the tast was nothing special. A little spice with dirt flavor…make sure you have some water with you. Good thing I got he 5-pack cheap on cigabid. Spoke 2 and both were the same.

  17. I picked up a Tepus Genesis on the recommendation of my friend at the cigar store. I was excited to try something new until I read some of the reviews posted here on this thread. Thank god I was pleasantly surprised to find it was a nice smoke. It started out nice with a good draw and I found the taste good. The first half of this stick burn flawlessly but the second half did burn a little uneven, I did have to touch it up 3 or 4 times. All in all it turned out to be a pretty decent smoke and at $ 6.00 a stick I didn’t think it was too bad a price(I have paid more for less enjoyable cigars). i washed it down with a small glass of Captn Morgan Private Stock and that was a good combo. I don’t think I will be ordering a box of them anytime soon but at $6.00 I’m sure I would have no issue picking up another from time to time.

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