Punch Rare Corojo 2009

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Punch Rare Corojo 2009

Tom and Ed are back once again with another video review. This time the guys take a look at the 2009 release of the Punch rare Corojo.

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17 thoughts on “Punch Rare Corojo 2009

  1. Hey…i just realized that no one ever gives Tom a hard time on here…come on people…he has hair like a girl for crying out loud! Jesus, what is it with you people? All you want to talk about is cigars,,,every f**king day…He has hair like a girl!

  2. Dude…Sorry, just wanted to say DUDE. Check me out Tom…I am getting more hate mail than you now! Do i get a prize for the worst comment ever?

  3. I briefly flirted with stirring things up to be funny but then again, some people might not think it’s funny and my sense of humor is odd so instead, I’ll say, I love your reviews Tom and Ed. Keep up the good work.


  4. You guys are both idiots, Sumatra is no where near Africa. Its an island south east of India. Maybe if you stopped smoking cigars so much and got a 9th grade education, you would know that.

  5. We love Tom & Ed! Haters should look somewhere else to bash!

    Great review I have been turning my friends onto the 2009 Punch Rare Corojo cigars for over a month and I am thinking of buying a 2nd box of the Rothschild (50 to a box) so I don’t run out before 2009 comes to a close!

    Thanks for the beetle tip I am going to freeze the war chest of pre SCHIP cigars I have stored up that there is no way I can smoke all of em in the next couple of years!

  6. Thanks for the great review as always guys! I love watching these, it gives me the feeling I myself am also in the B&M smoking one (^_^)b
    I always liked this smoke, but the last time I had one was a year or two ago. I always remember the draw being near perfect, though a few times too loose. Also, these are a great deal IMO.

    Wow, did I really just read what I think I read? If someone has the spare time to watch a cigar review just to critisize someone’s chosen hair style they need to get a life. Though I don’t have long hair, it has been the chosen style/length of man for thousands and thousands of years. The short hair cut is a recent trend beginning in the past 175 years or so.
    Here in Japan, almost everyone has a MacGyver mullet! lol

  7. Man, this is just like fishing sometimes…It seems like Tom is the only one who has a sense of humour. Must remember to only leave serious comments in the future because i must not upset all these Cigar Aficionados. WOMEN…thats what we need more of on here…more women…shit…there i go again.

  8. Thanks all for the comments!

    Well Aged Cuban – Actually, if you could plant some secret hate mail in our reviews in the future that would be great 😉

    To those who defended my rediculous hair – Thanks!

    Well Aged Cuban knows I’ve been complaining that we don’t get enough hate mail. He was just kiddin guys. Even if he was serious, it would be OK with me. I am the toughest guy on the Internet, and him and I would take it to the streets after a good comment war.

    Oh – Thanks for the correction about Sumatra. I don’t know what we were thinking.

  9. well it’s about time the Tom and Ed show came back… seems like forever since the last video. great stuff as always.
    P.S. Tom if you want some hate mail start sporting the “half” beard from your twitter pic. LOL

  10. A well aged Cuban… You are not drinking enough whiskey with your cigars. Drink enough Whiskey then re-watch Ed and the hot chick do a great cigar review on the 2009 Punch Rare Corojo!

  11. Hey OlivaSerieV, on my fourth glass now, and you know what? I am starting to see it…But man…I think one of her friends should tell her about removing unwanted facial hair!

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