Rocky Patel Rosado

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Rocky Patel Rosado

RP Rosado

Similar to my review on the Rocky Patel Cuban Blend the Rocky Patel Rosado is a Famous Exclusive…meaning you can only get them at Famous Smoke Shop. Again, in the interest of complete transparency I wanted to say that Famous Smoke Shop is an advertiser with The Stogie Review and we’re also good friends on Twitter with @Famous_Hayward. The cigars I smoked for this review were all purchased with my own money. In fact, here is the receipt…sad times when I have to prove my independent reviews.

Video runs around 10:15 and I have to say, unlike my series of reviews of the CI Legends Series, these Famous Only Rocky Patel cigars have really been enjoyable to smoke. Like I point out in the video, if you’re a Rocky Patel fan but find the cigar budget tight these days, these cigars can make for one enjoyable Rocky Patel themed cigar day as there is a cigar for every moment of the day.

If you’re wondering about my facial hair, I’m growing my playoff beard for my Washington Capitals even though they are down 2 games to none against the Rangers. Also, I’ve started playing with filters and attached a neutral density filter so hopefully the video “pops” a little more.


19 thoughts on “Rocky Patel Rosado

  1. Nice review as usual Jerry. My wife and I have smoked a fair number of the Partagas Spanish Rosados over the years – this would be definitely one that would interest us together, especially for the price point.

  2. Bro, “The Great Torpedo” doesn’t have to prove anything to anybody!!!
    Great review!! I have some of these that I’ve never tried, so after your review I’ll have to break them out.

  3. Great review. I have a Partagas Spanish Rosado sitting around. Might have to fire it up. As I recollect, didn’t fit me very well. But the Cuban Blend, now that’s an awesome cigar!!!

    Only way you can prove to me that you bought those cigars is to send me a fiver of the RASS. hahahahaha, ahhh, got to love the critics 🙂 Where would the forums be without them.

    Long ashes Jerry

  4. Awesome video Jerry!!! Filter looks good.

    Like others have said…. No need to prove anything.

    Keep up the awesome work!!!

  5. There are so many cigars on my “to smoke” list that I don’t know when I can find the time. Great review, can’t wait to try one.

  6. Brother in law gave me a Cuban Blend to smoke adn that was pretty darn good! I might have to pick some of these up next order and give them a shot. Thanx for the great review as always!

    Filter – was it me or the sunlight, but your white shirt looked kind of tan?

    Proof – I see that receipt making software is working great for you – ROFL – gotta stir those rebels up :p


    Who cares if you bought them or were gifted them? As long as you like it, you like it! You tell people when you dont like something also – check out that green hat and beard review if you people dont remember!

  7. Great review man. What kind of jerks are giving you guys a hard time about having sponsors for your website or being gifted cigars? Whatever, dont worry about those kind of people. If they dont like the way you guys work they should start their own cigar review site. Keep up the good work.

  8. Jerry,

    Keep up the good work. What you do takes time and money, so if having sponsors means you can continue to smoke cigars and provide us these reviews then don’t give it a second thought.


  9. Your killing me Jerry! The ONLY thing that matters in a cigar review is honesty. No one should give a shit if you paid for them, or if they were given to you by a sponsor. 99.9 percent of us know SR reviews are honest.

    These haters need to start their own cigar blog. Then they need to provide regular content, and check their wallets afterwards. It adds up quickly, and a little help is not a bad thing.

    And BTW… great review, I may pick some of these up for an afternoon smoke.

  10. well I was gonna comment but I think Tom just summed it up perfectly. Ignore all the haters Jerry we know what the SR is all about. Keep up the great work.

  11. Jerry, how do we know you weren’t reimbursed for the cigars after the fact? Also, we all know you work in IT and are more then comfortable with computers….and photo editing software is capable of some amazing things.

    I would ask that you provide multiple sources of documentation/proof that you in did in fact pay for these yourself. A signed written statement from Famous would also be required. 😉

    [Removes bug from ass and sets the “dickhead” switch to OFF]

    Nice review! I bought a 5 pack of these a while ago and thought they were a quality smoke for how cheap they are.

  12. Nice review Jerry:
    And I think the filter helps, but maybe it was just the weather. And don’t let those FLAKES get under your skin, with the work that you guy’s put into the Stogie Review you should get FREE cigars to help you out.
    And if some Jerk don’t like it tell em to KISS YOUR ASS!!
    Thanks again for a great review, keep up the good work guy’s.

  13. If only there were more latino hockey players.

    Speaking of rosados, I’m about to review the Louixs for Asylum. Will let you know how that baby is.

  14. WOW! I just tried the Rocky Patel Rosado. Had to snip it half way through. It packs quite a punch and continues to linger in some really tasty after notes. I’m feeling really warm and toasty right now and look forward to relighting this baby another day. I also about froze my butt off outside at 55 degree weather at 12:30 am smoking this. Time for a Dr. Pepper and a trip to bed.

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