Rocky Patel Renaissance

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Rocky Patel Renaissance


Continuing on my Rocky Patel kick, I’m back this week with a review of the Rocky Patel Renaissance. Now if you were following my escapades in Orlando earlier in the month you will know that I had my first Renaissance while I was vacationing but lets see how the Renaissance holds up back here in MD.

Video runs 12:20 and I show what a wussy boy I am as I squeal like a little girl when a bee gets a little too close for comfort. In all honesty, I liked the Renaissance. The dominate woody flavors with a mix of creamy and sweet notes really hit a nice spot for me. I did feel that the draw was too loose and I found myself taking half puffs so I didn’t end up with too much smoke in my mouth. I also noted some similarities in flavors that the Renaissance shares with the Edge Sumatra. While its shares a similar flavor profile, I think the Renaissance isn’t as hefty in the body department.

Be sure to check out my buddy Barry’s review of the Rocky Patel Renaissance over on his blog at A Cigar Smoker.


15 thoughts on “Rocky Patel Renaissance

  1. haha Jerry, not much of a fan of bugs, eh?

    Great review. I’m not sure if this cigar will really be to my liking, but I’ll give it a shot if I see them at a local B&M.

  2. Hi Jerry
    I have the same problem with bugs when i smoke outside, maybe the bumble bee likes the smell off cigar’s. Have you ever reviewed Romeo y Yulieta churhills, i have to in my humidor and looking forward to try them.

  3. I had a similar bout with a bumble bee last week, they must be into stogies!
    Anyhoo, nice review and the pic at the top of the post is top notch! Very cool.

    I like the Edge smokes so I think that I might give these a shot. Great job!

  4. Jerry,

    I got three of the RP Renaissance from the Cigar Dave Officer’s Club a few months back. Just smoked the last one over the weekend and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed them. Actually, I’m a huge fan of Rocky Patel cigars in general; except for maybe the Sungrown.

    Keep up the great reviews.


  5. Jerry,

    I have to commend you on the photos as of late. Fantastic quality! Makes me want to bite the sticks!

  6. Great review Jerry when i smoke outside i notice the bugs tend to gravitate towards the smoke. I havent tried the Renaissance but i picked up a couple of RP Edge sumatra a while back and haven’t had them maybe i’ll pick up a couple of Renaissance and compare the two.

  7. Hey Jerry,

    Good review. I spoke with Rocky’s brother about this cigar and found that it is the same blend as the Egde Sumatra, it is just that the wrapper leaf is a lower priming.


  8. Nice review, Jerry (and nice squealing…hahaha). I haven’t smoked an entire one of these yet, but I had a few draws off of a buddies, and I absolutely LOATHED it.

    I was shocked being such a huge RP fan, and I don’t know if maybe that stick was just a dud or what, but it just had an awful lingering taste of…almost like bile…in my mouth. I’m going to say that that was just something combined with what it was I was smoking (and MX2) and what I had for lunch, but man, what an awful first experience with that cigar.

    I plan to go to an event this Friday, so maybe I’ll give it a shot there. Anyway, keep up the good work, man!

  9. This was a great review. And Brent you are right “… spoke with Rocky’s brother about this cigar and found that it is the same blend as the Egde Sumatra, it is just that the wrapper leaf is a lower priming…”

    Here is a video of Rocky Patel talking about the Renaissance Cigar and it’s relation to the Edge Sumatra:

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