601 Maduro (Short Ashes)

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601 Maduro (Short Ashes)

With a little spare time in the morning, I searched through my cooler looking for a cigar to review this week. I came up empty handed in terms of a mild morning smoke, so I went with something that I could smoke in a short ashes format.

Having met up with my local Miami Cigar rep just the day before, the 601 Maduro (Blue Label) I was gifted came to mind. I didn’t recall this stick being too over the top in regards to body, so I went ahead and smoked it with my morning cup of coffee.

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8 thoughts on “601 Maduro (Short Ashes)

  1. hey walt eric here good review nice shirt i have like 3 of them lol….i gota tell you im a huge huge don pepin garcia and tatuaje whore but i really dont care to much for the 601 line i dont know why but there not all that great to me but a lota people sell them and they are fairly popular

  2. ohh and thats a pretty strong cigar in the morning lol….i mean i wake up in the mornig to cuban cigars or padron 1926 and 1964 and most of the time tatuaje just because i have no mild cigars what do u like to smoke in the morning for a milder cigar i think im gona buy some oliva conneticuts and nub conneticuts but thoes kinda taste the same a little bit adn i think i might get some cao gold for my morning smokes

  3. Nice look at the 601. Seemed a bit dull, or did I not watch closely enough? Just seemed like a good cigar to smoke while doing other things.

    Might be something nice to have in the humidor!

    Thanx as always for the video review!

  4. Nice review as always Walt. Nobody tell that eric stevens guy but I think I heard Walt say the ash word at some point…shhh!

  5. Nice review, haven’t tried any 601, but love a lot of the other DPG made smokes. I’ll have to look into this one some time.

    And the new Metallica? Best album since Black. It took a few listens to get into for me too, but now I just love it. I do feel that a lot of the songs are just too long, kinda like people are afraid to edit them, seeing as they are the golden untouchable metal gods. If they had been able to condense the album down a little more, it would maybe have become a true legend.

  6. My cigar of choice in the morning is RP Edge LIte or CAO Gold Natural. A medium/full maduro is definitely a afternoon/evening smoke.

  7. Very good cigar. I to smoked mine early with coffee and I found they paired well together. I found it to have the creaminess with coffee hints with also spice and a coco flavors. I did not have the issue with nicotine on my empty stomach. But I agree with 90 percent of your review. I think I paid between 7 and 8 dollars for this stick

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