18 thoughts on “Esencia

  1. I thoroughly enjoy these split screen reviews. I imagine it’s easier for you guys since you don’t run out of things to say. Brian, there is a little bit of a glare coming from your right. My guess is that it’s a window, but it is not a big problem. The stick sounds delicious. Not surprising with a criollo and criojo combination. Keep them coming guys.

  2. Awesome, awesome dual reviews guys! Keep em comin! I hope you can figure out a way to get a 3-way conference going and include Walt, that would be great!

    Sounds like a decent stick but just didnt seem to be a WOW thing going on. If i see them in all these 80 or so local shops – oh wait, I live in BFE…in these 4 shops within a 20-30 minute drive I will have to snag 1 to try!


    How about calling it a dobliew for a double review – like doe blue 🙂

  3. Lol Brian, loved how you ended that review…very smooth! Nice review as always.

  4. Hi guys.
    What about Walt in a third screen and calling it a “culebrareview”. That could be fun.

  5. Great video guys. Brian, Love the mug!!!!

    Keep these dual reviews coming…. They are awesome!!!

  6. Split Screen Stogie Review… Very nice!

    Keep em coming… If you can get Walt on I would call it the “Three Amigos Cigar Review!”

  7. Just got started on the review, but I believe it is a cigar review instead of a joint review…

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