Cigarfest 2009 Rambling

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Cigarfest 2009 Rambling

A few days ago I shared a video with you where I rambled on about the Friday festivities of Cigarfest 2009. I mentioned that a second video was on its way to talk about the actual event, well here it is. This video runs about 17 minutes and covers the happenings of the actual event.

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4 thoughts on “Cigarfest 2009 Rambling

  1. Well I did not know that a press pass did not let you get the cigar samples like the normal tickets, that was interesting!

    You would think they would have kept the music down before the general ticket holders could enter so the press could do interviews and such – if you have any pull with CI, maybe that would be something to mention for next year! I would have loved to see more interviews with the manufacturers and hear what they are bringing out!

    Awesome video as usual, keep em coming!!


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