La Flor Dominicana Salomon

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La Flor Dominicana Salomon

La Flor Dominicana Salomon

Really need to thank my boy @ChiefHava for sending me the Salomon by La Flor Dominicana. Hopefully @ChiefHava gets back from Panama soon so we can resume our perpetual trading.

I was hesitant to smoke the Salomon. Most of Litto Gomez’s creations are known for their power and I’ve had some out of body experiences smoking his Chisel and his Coronado lines in the past. Looking at the sexy wrapper and the shear size of the LFD Salomon, it definitely made me even more nervous to leave my usual mild/medium bodied comfort zone.

Video runs a little longer than my usual reviews at close to 20 minutes but I’m not sure I could’ve condensed the review considering its 7×64 size. Normally we don’t make a big deal out of site milestones here on The Stogie Review but I take a minute in the video to review some interesting statistics from the last 3 years and 2 months that we’ve been entertaining and informing you here on The Stogie Review.


19 thoughts on “La Flor Dominicana Salomon

  1. Great review! I am so tempted to pick one of these up, but the price tag is insane. For the amount of time it lasts, it’s not that bad, but that is about 5 times what I generally pay for a smoke.

  2. Wow, again its 1:35 am, i havent watched the review yet LOL ….. just wanted to be the 1st to post.

    goodnight! i’ll watch 2morrow with some coffee and a smoke, ur on a roll homie!


  3. Nice review… We need to have you nub one of those Puros Indios Chiefs in a review. I concur that I have started to gravitate towards smaller cigars so I can swap out to a new flavor to keep my palette awake and interested.

  4. Talk about endurance marathon smoking. I am curious as to know how many times “nipple” was said during that review. That also must be a first.

    I received a box of these as gift a few months ago. I haven’t had a chance to smoke them, but in the time I’ve had them, I’ve realized that the major portion of the money spent on these is definitely spent on the aesthetics of the cigar. The box is velvet lined, odd shape, flashy band, and limited quantity (only 300 boxes) makes the price astronomically high. Would i consider it worth? no. but i would imagine it would be a good “celebration” or “special occasion smoke”.

    anyways, thanks for keeping me entertained at 2:30 in the morning.


  5. Entertaining review Jerry. I’m actually looking at smaller sized cigars because of the time element. I couldn’t imagine dedicating that much time to a cigar.

  6. Adam – you have some nice friends!

    Great review! I could EASILY find the time just sitting with my brother-in-law and nephew on his deck smoking and talking away!! BUT, I think I would have to be picked up off the floor after smoking it ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe not, but it just seems like it would be a knee to the groin.


    Out of sync after the ad also – unless it is just me?

  7. Another great review. I don’t know if I could dedicate that long in one sitting for one cigar.

    Also, enjoyed the night time review.

    Keep up the great work!!

  8. My friend, Keith, and I had these about a week ago when he and his wife came to visit us here in TN. While the $20+ price tag is hard to swallow initially, it does make this cigar into a “special event” stick and not something to be smoked on an everyday basis. The price tag and the fact that you can’t find them anymore around here in addition to sharing it with a friend makes for an overall unforgettable experience. Of course, that experience would be unforgettable in a bad way if the cigar sucked–but luckily, it is an LFD. Litto has another great cigar on his hands here and I hope he continues to release these things on a limited basis so I can experience it again some day.

  9. The first two LFD Salomons I had were absolutley great. I purchased a box of 10 and an additional 5 loose sticks so I wouldn’t have to open the box for a while. i’m a huge fan of LFD and particularly the limited or experimental cigars that litto seems to have a knaxk of developing. When I smoked one of the the fist of the five loose sticks it started to come apart, it almost started to changed shapes to where it was expanding in a few parts of the smoke and started to crack open at those points. I just wrote it off as my fault, maybe I didn’t regulate the humidity in my humidor and it got too much. My second and third one did the same, now after blowing almost 75 bucks on these things I decided to do some research. I started by calling a few reputable independent tobacconists around the country how I’ve done business with and I got the same answer from from the 3 I talked to. Turns out that the entire first batch of LFD Salomons were bad. They were wrapped too tight of something like that. There was no give to the wrapper when thay re humidified to 65-70% and sure enough they started to fall apart. I called LFD and was told to return the smokes to the place I ought them at, in turn they would send them back to LFD, LFD would send the retailer a replacement box and in return the retailer would send them to me.I ask LFD if they could send the replacements directly to me and was told absolutley not. I haven’t sent them back yet but will do it tomorrow. First I’m calling my stock broker and buying shares of UPS. With all the shipping taking place for a box of cigars I would certainly think that the only people making money on this deal will be UPS. If FLD gets 1000-2000 boxes back ,l that’s a hell of a lot of UPS freight being thrown out the door. I guess the freight charges were builit in to the cost of the cigar, at 23.00 a stick plus tax I think UPS must be loving this.What a ridiculous way for a company to handle a loyal comsumer complaint. In the future when I light up a LFD I’m not sure I’ll enjoy it as much, it will just bring back memories of this stupid ordeal.

  10. Jerry,

    The night review has a kind of Cinema Noir feel to it. Kind of neat that you can see the cigar glowing when you puff it.

    The salomone is a great shape and a cigar that size is the perfect one when you promise your wife your only going to smoke one cigar.

    Think I’ll pull out one tonight!

  11. Had one of these last night. Took 2.5 hours to smoke it. Burn was uneven and ash was flaky and bloomed like a flower. A bit annoying but the flavor was so worth it. At $23 a stick, much better deal that the Special Edition Gurkhas I have had (I think Beauty was about $32). I have only been smoking a couple of months, it was strong, but not overwhelming. Just need some time and a full stomach. Made 6 calls to get my hands on a box last week. Not too many left floating around in retail

  12. I was fortunately given 3 of these mouthwatering cigars. I never saw a Salomone before,&this made me fall in love not only with this stick,but also this shape. Since this experiance I have had Partagas Salomones -Cuban, plus other brands. At first when I started to smoke it I had a little trouble puffing on it & getting smoke untilll I got passed the 1/4-1/2 inch end, but then this cigar burst open with a lot of smoke. As i smoked it the cigar burnt perfectly to the end, which took about 2 hours of sheer pleasure. The complex flavors & nuances of the tabacos that make up this cigar are very intense& memorable. I found that the creaminess, the silky smooth & earthy, leathery tastes my palate was sensing were a dream come true. I had a very long ash , of perfect color, was magnificant. The cigar remined me of the choclate egg creams I drank as a kid growing up in Brooklyn,& like the ones I make today. For such a big cigar,I could see it intimidating for even the seasoned smoker. One must have a full stomach to handle this cigar,& it is not fopr the novice. I wish I could get my hands on more of these cigars. I found that this was one of the highlites of my cigar smoking experiances.. Excellent stick, my hat goed off toLFD.

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